Ready to make that investment in custom wood furniture for your home?

Discover all the ways to enjoy custom wood furniture in your home.

I know you are probably so used to particle board shelves & chairs with rungs that come unglued. If you are finding yourself so frustrated with furniture like that falling apart, it is probably time for you to invest in your own custom wood furniture. Believe it or not, you can furnish every room in your home with a custom piece. To be honest, after over 50+ years of handcrafted custom woodworking, we have learned a thing or two about making gorgeous handcrafted custom wood furniture for your home that you can enjoy for generations. Read on to discover the perfect pieces for each room.Mission style rocking chair

Solid Wood Kitchen Tables

Let’s start in your kitchen, the heart of your home. Yes, for many of the families we have served, they live their lives, create memories, share meals, play games, work together all on their kitchen tables. At some point, you will realize the need for a table that can withstand all the tough love from children, friends, family, boyfriends & girlfriends, in-laws, & even grandchildren. Maybe even a high chair that can hold onto your wiggly, round baby, keeping them secure & comfortable. The Keefer family wanted a table for the heart of their home, a table which was eventually passed on to their granddaughter to enjoy. Nothing can compete with the beauty of the natural grain of a solid wood table. In fact, black walnut blend is a popular choice for our tables.

Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture

Moving out to the dining room, you need an excellent table & chairs set to host holiday gatherings & family parties where everyone is comfortable & gathered together. Of course, you have many options here. This is where our extension tables really shine. Choose how large your table needs to be or how many seats you wish to accommodate. Consider whether you wish to use chairs or benches for your table.

Solid Wood Living Room Furniture

Now, after a delicious meal, move your guests into the living room where the babies can play on the floor & the adults can share stories & memories. In fact, our business started from a piece of living room furniture. It’s true! George, our beloved founder, started our woodworking business in 1972 when he created the first non-tipping rocking chair. Over the years, we have delivered so many rocking chairs & other comfortable chairs & benches to our customers, like Heather & Craig who purchased their first non-tipping rocking chair when they discovered their first baby was on the way. “Nobody has a finish like George’s. It’s held up all these 45 years,” Heather shared with us. In fact, after such an excellent experience with their non-tipping rocking chair, Heather & Craig came back to George’s Furniture many times & walked away with a new purchase each time: a vanity bench for Heather’s spinning wheel, a custom designed piece for the space between their fireplace & wall, & 2 child-sized table & chair sets for their grandchildren. 

We have also crafted all types of solid entertainment centers over the years too. In fact, many people come to us when their antique furniture that they thought was high-quality actually starts falling apart. This is such a common problem when you don’t start with high-quality wood at the beginning & a craftsman who knows how to treat the wood well.  Each entertainment center is designed to your component measurements and desired arrangement. 

Solid Wood Office Furniture

Let’s take a quick peek into your study too. This is where you would really enjoy a custom solid wood bookcase & a beautiful black walnut desk & conference table. Fortunately, we have experience with all sizes of desks & tables. In fact, the Pentagon once ordered an expandable office conference table handcrafted by our woodworkers. Yes, the local Lancaster paper even wrote a story about it! Maybe your home office is more like Stephen & Dora’s space. After exhausting hours & days perusing furniture stores locally & online, they ultimately found what they needed here at George’s Furniture: a conference table, executive desk & credenza. 

Solid Wood Bedroom Suite

Now, a full home tour would not be complete without viewing the master suite. You know that popular statistic claims that you spend ⅓ of your life asleep in bed? That statistic alone seems like a good enough reason to invest in a beautiful bed frame that can provide night upon night of peaceful slumber. Many of our customers also appreciate the fact that they can custom design a headboard & bed frame that include storage space as well. Michael & Linda recently thanked us for their solid wood bedroom furniture with these kind words, “The product you make results from treating a natural product with the skill held only by true craftsmen.” 

When you are first considering custom wood furniture for your home, come visit us! We love giving tours of our showroom & wood shop where you can observe each step of the furniture-making process. Then, once your custom wood pieces are complete, we are happy to provide you with excellent service & delivery.

To help you on your journey to enjoying custom solid wood furniture that will last generations, we made this handy guide to tell if your furniture is high-quality so you can learn what to avoid in your furniture shopping.