Worthy to pass on

Worthy to pass on

In 1978, while Cyrus and Florence Keefer were designing their new house in Middletown, PA, they remembered a small furniture store in Elizabethtown that built custom furniture. They particularly loved the unique and beautiful graining of black walnut wood. George’s Woodcrafts specializes in Black Walnut wood. Cyrus and Florence visited Georges and ordered a trestle table and chairs to fit their eat-in kitchen space.

Family tradition

A family tradition was to gather around the trestle table Sunday nights and Cyrus made sandwiches (his specialty and only time cooking) for all the families that come for the evening. Whey Cyrus passed in 1980 at a young age, the trestle table and chairs set passed on to his daughter and son-in-law, Lorri and Kurt Siffin.

The table was a sentimental piece of furniture. A pleasant reminder of our father and family home, recalls Lorri. The table has aged well. The memory marks have added character to the table.  It is a piece worthy to be passes on.

Second Generation

The table set moved into the Siffin family home and received many years of loving care. It followed the family through several moves, always serving as a gathering place for family meals. When Kurt and Lorri down sizedTrestle table made at Georges Furniture in lancaster county pa to their current home in Long Neck, Delaware, the table and chairs went into storage.

Third Generation

After having been carefully stored for 2 years, the table set has a new home in Philadelphia, PA. Cyrus’s granddaughter, Karly Siffin, recently moved from a small apartment into a town home.  They now had room for the family heirloom. The table fits perfectly in the dining space of Karly’s new home in Manayunk, PA.

“I love that this table belonged to my grandparents. It is very special to me.” – Karly

Worthy to Pass On

Each customer of George’s Furniture enjoys the ability to pass their heirlooms from one generation to another. The exceptionally high-quality construction and strong, protective finishes, allow George’s furniture to survive decades. Join the many satisfied customers and begin your family traditions of gathering around a table and enjoying the beauty of handcrafted furniture.

Raw lumber source, stackable chair

Raw lumber source, stackable chair

Lumber meets finished furniture

Chris Bingaman first met George by working for his father’s lumber business, Bingaman & Sons Lumber. For many years, George would purchase raw lumber used to make the high-quality solid hardwood furniture at George’s Woodcrafts. George worked with Max, Chris’ father, to identify the group of logs that were cut to George’s particular order.  Black walnut was a favor of George and is still in high demand, especially as a recently developed technique, using both the natural heartwood and sapwood of black walnut wood called Walnut Blend was made available.

no water marks durable finish dining room table furniture store in lancaster

Walnut Blend on Table with clear water resistant finish repelling water.

The coveted Pennsylvania cherry and red oak are in high demand, harvested by Bingaman & Sons from the ever-expanding forests of Pennsylvania. Over the years, Chris enjoyed sharing his love for natural wood and the harvest of timber. He also appreciates the quality of craftsmanship exhibited by George’s craftsmen.

Gifts for employees

As a special gift to their retiring employees, the company purchases George’s famous non- tip rocking chair. Several times, George’s employees have toured the lumber saw mill and wood drying kilns. A great way to integrate of raw lumber and finished product. 

Designed to space requirements

Chris upgraded his sales office by specially ordering a large executive desk. He worked with our designers to bring his ideas and unique space needs to reality. Delivering the desk presented another challenge. The hallways were narrow with tight corners. Up the stairs and around a hairpin curve. We designed the desk with the office layout in mind. Now Chris enjoys helping customers surrounded with natural cherry grain of his executive desk.

George’s designer came and measured the space I had to use and worked with me to create a design that served all the functions I hoped for. When the desk arrived, it exceeded my expectations! It is a beautiful piece that brings a “wow” response to everyone who visits my office and it is the most enjoyable work station I have ever experienced. I am an extremely satisfied customer!!!  – Chris Bingaman

Stackable Chair designstackable chairs

When Chris and his wife redecorated their home, they came with a unique style of dining chair. They worked with our designers to develop a new style of chair that continued the strength and comfort of George’s chairs. Another challenge of long tables is where to store all the chairs between dinner parties. A design for sturdy, stackable chairs emerged and now stands in their closet awaiting the next large gathering. The stackable chairs are stacked in groups of 5 chairs taking the space of 32x21x42h. They are available in black walnut (pictured), cherry, red oak or maple hardwood. A number of different stain colors are available.

Can’t keep it quiet

The quality and natural grain of solid wood is hard to keep quiet. Customers like Chris are sharing their love for wood and superb craftsmanship with the guest at home and the customers they meet. Come see our two showrooms and woodworking shop to see what the talk is all about. You will be amazed and see firsthand why quality speaks for itself.

Harvest Host at Georges Furniture

Harvest Host at Georges Furniture

Georges Furniture – Harvest Host

We are excited to invite Harvest Host RV guests to enjoy the beautiful country side of western Lancaster County, PA. Unlike the boring crowded RV parks, our quiet location provides a tranquil place to relax in the natural surroundings of farmland.  You may even see the local farmer working in his field or harvesting his crops.

What is Harvest Hosts

Harvest hosts provides unique experiences for RVers while supporting independent growers and attractions. Members access a network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, golf courses and other unique attractions, all over the United States. It is for self contained RVers that want a break from the large RV parks while supporting the local businesses.  Eat farm fresh products, drink local wine and beer, explore museums and attractions while staying overnight at no additional cost. Harvesthost.com

Available sites

We offer 3 different sites for our guests.

Site A: Slight grade, easy access.  Site B: level, easy access. Site C moderate grade, harder to back into space.

harvest host site at Georges Furnitureharvest host site b at georges furnitureharvest host site C at Georges Furniture lancaster PA





Access to Property

We suggest that you access Reich’s Church Road by traveling from the North. This intersection is wider to accommodate large vehicles. GPS will probably direct you from the south since it is a slightly shorter way, however the photo below demonstrated a telephone pole on the corner and a tighter turn coming from the south.

Access Georges Furniture and Reich's church rd from the north


Instruction from the North:

If traveling from Route 30: take exit toward PA 441/Columbia/Marietta. 441N to Engle Rd (GPS will say Route #743 but continue on 441 for .8 miles.)

Turn Right onto Engle Road then Right on Stackstown Rd.

Right onto Reich’s Church Rd. (GPS may say you have arrived but continue down the road to the white house, red woodshop and our showroom on right.) Follow our signs to 9 Reich’s Church Road, Marietta, PA 17547

We look forward to sharing our peaceful location, wood working shop and showroom, full of quality handcrafted custom furniture.

Hosts Chris and Juanita Horst




Small Beginning

Small Beginning

Small Beginningwooden woven basket plaque engraving

Beginning in 1969 and for many years after that, George and I had a booth at Springs Folk Festival.  We sold our wooden lamps with woven veneer shades and lathe-turned candle holders. Cross-cut stools made from a log with the bark still on the edge added to the collection.  However the most popular item were the engraved signs and nameplates. Each sign was made for the customer while they waited.  Ray and Gloria Becker assisted with the many customers.  Ray sanded and attached chain hangers to the plaques while George did the engraving.  Later, as George and his craftsman started making furniture, the collection included tables, chairs, dry sinks, hutches.  George’s famous non-tip rocking chairs caught a lot of attention.

The Springs Folk Festival Craft show

The town of Springs, PA is located in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.  The first weekend in October was the peak for beautiful fall foliage in the area.  The stand holders demonstrated their craft which added  authenticity to the event.  Bus loads of people from Baltimore, Washington DC and Pittsburgh came.  On a beautiful Saturday, cars lined up from nearby Grantsville, MD, waiting to find parking in the grass fields around the festival.  On rainy days, cars got stuck in the fields and young car parkers needed to push them out of the mud.

Food brings crowdsdining room table furniture stores lancaster

Several other attractions were the food made by the Amish and Mennonite cooks.  Homemade bread baked in an old-time beehive-shaped bake oven.  Then covered with a generous helping of apple butter, made in a large copper kettle over a fire.  Special “festival sausage” made with the “whole pig”, hams and all kinds of other local favorites. As business grew, George focused his attention more at home.  In recent years, the next generation owners decided to attend the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals near cities like Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore.


care for Georges Furniture

care for Georges Furniture

Care for “George’s” Furniture

Caring for George’s furniture is simple and easy. No more water marks!! The finish used on all of “George’s” furniture is a durable, high quality finish and the best we have found.  The finish is heat and water-resistant.  You do not need to use coasters for hot and cold drinks.  Warm dishes will not make white rings on the table, but if you take items directly from the oven, stovetop, or microwave, a hot pad is suggested.  A good rule is “If it is not too hot for your fingers, it will not harm the table.”

Weekly Carecare for solid wood furniture

Furniture can be washed with a damp cloth.  Duster spray may be used; however, sprays that contain wax may cause an undesirable build-up to form on the finish over a period of time.

Occasional Special Care

When you would normally polish your furniture, or to remove fingerprints, use a good grade furniture polish.  we use Old English Lemon Oil, Guardsman is also a good choice.

Things to Avoid

The finish will have a chemical reaction if it comes in contact with rubber cement, airplane glue, or similar products.  Permanent magic markers and cigarette burns cause permanent damage to the finish.

Finish scratch, Wood dents

The finish will scratch and the wood will dent.  Be careful not to slide heavy objects across the table or counters on dressers, etc.  A staple or even a hard crumb could cause surface scratch or indentation.  If the damage is a deep scratch or dent and the finish is broken, the damage can be minimized.  First, soak the dent with a water saturated washcloth for several hours.  Then, while protecting it with a damp washcloth, apply a steam iron to the dent, this process will help swell the dent out to the original level.  Please call us for advice on this process.

Able to refinishtrestle table furniture store in york lancaster

Finally, this is solid wood furniture.  It can be refinished.  Having been in business more than 50 years, we have already had families who bought a table when their children were small.  Than, when their family was older, they brought the table back to us, and we refinished the table top to look as good as new.  Please call 1(800) 799-1685 for an estimate.

Our goal is to build the highest quality handcrafted custom furniture that is easy to care for and will exceed your expectations for years to come. Visit our showroom to begin creating your dream piece of furniture and our craftsmen will bring that dream to reality.