Raw lumber source, stackable chair

Raw lumber source, stackable chair

Lumber meets finished furniture

Chris Bingaman first met George by working for his father’s lumber business, Bingaman & Sons Lumber. For many years, George would purchase raw lumber used to make the high-quality solid hardwood furniture at George’s Woodcrafts. George worked with Max, Chris’ father, to identify the group of logs that were cut to George’s particular order.  Black walnut was a favor of George and is still in high demand, especially as a recently developed technique, using both the natural heartwood and sapwood of black walnut wood called Walnut Blend was made available.

no water marks durable finish dining room table furniture store in lancaster

Walnut Blend on Table with clear water resistant finish repelling water.

The coveted Pennsylvania cherry and red oak are in high demand, harvested by Bingaman & Sons from the ever-expanding forests of Pennsylvania. Over the years, Chris enjoyed sharing his love for natural wood and the harvest of timber. He also appreciates the quality of craftsmanship exhibited by George’s craftsmen.

Gifts for employees

As a special gift to their retiring employees, the company purchases George’s famous non- tip rocking chair. Several times, George’s employees have toured the lumber saw mill and wood drying kilns. A great way to integrate of raw lumber and finished product. 

Designed to space requirements

Chris upgraded his sales office by specially ordering a large executive desk. He worked with our designers to bring his ideas and unique space needs to reality. Delivering the desk presented another challenge. The hallways were narrow with tight corners. Up the stairs and around a hairpin curve. We designed the desk with the office layout in mind. Now Chris enjoys helping customers surrounded with natural cherry grain of his executive desk.

George’s designer came and measured the space I had to use and worked with me to create a design that served all the functions I hoped for. When the desk arrived, it exceeded my expectations! It is a beautiful piece that brings a “wow” response to everyone who visits my office and it is the most enjoyable work station I have ever experienced. I am an extremely satisfied customer!!!  – Chris Bingaman

Stackable Chair designstackable chairs

When Chris and his wife redecorated their home, they came with a unique style of dining chair. They worked with our designers to develop a new style of chair that continued the strength and comfort of George’s chairs. Another challenge of long tables is where to store all the chairs between dinner parties. A design for sturdy, stackable chairs emerged and now stands in their closet awaiting the next large gathering. The stackable chairs are stacked in groups of 5 chairs taking the space of 32x21x42h. They are available in black walnut (pictured), cherry, red oak or maple hardwood. A number of different stain colors are available.

Can’t keep it quiet

The quality and natural grain of solid wood is hard to keep quiet. Customers like Chris are sharing their love for wood and superb craftsmanship with the guest at home and the customers they meet. Come see our two showrooms and woodworking shop to see what the talk is all about. You will be amazed and see firsthand why quality speaks for itself.

Custom Design and Flexibility

Custom Design and Flexibility

Stephen and Dora started their adventure looking for quality custom design furniture for their new office space. They searched various furniture stores and websites for a long time. One website that caught their attention directed them to a small wood shop in Marietta, PA that made custom design office furniture. A thorough combing through the furniture pictures on Georgesfurniturepa.com perked their interest to explore this business in greater depth.

Executive desk custom handmade furniture store lancaster

The first item on the list was a conference table. A raised paneled executive desk and credenza joined the completed office furniture order.

“I now have a desk that commands the respect as an executive. Behind my desk is a large wall unit with beautiful shelving.”  -Dora

Flexibility of design

A trip to George’s furniture introduced the quality craftsmanship, flexibility in design and durability that characterizes all the furniture handcrafted in George’s wood shop. They learned about how solid hardwood furniture is made while watching the craftsmen create furniture during a wood shop tour. Many details, ideas, and conversations later resulted in the first of many pieces of walnut furniture. Stephen recalls the amazing attention to details displayed from the initial design phase to the final finishing of the conference table.

Custom headboard design

The personal experience and quality of craftsmanship led Stephen and Dora to fill their house with more unique handcrafted furniture. Each room required specific spacing and a desire for functionality. The next room requiring furniture was the bedroom. A specially designed headboard is a massive wall unit that looks like it was custom built in the room.  It includes two large nightstands with storage units on top, a mirror sandwiched between and a valance to complete the unit.  Each nightstand section had a pullout shelf for additional counter space. raised panel hope chestA hope chest stands at the footboard adding more storage space. While the headboard wall unit is the center attraction of the bedroom, a large dresser, chest of drawers and a double armoire bring the bedroom suite to life. All the furniture displayed wooden handles and raised panel sides. A special heart was engraved into the hope chest.


Dora says, “The walnut wood is so gorgeous.”

Concealed Functionality

As a retired police officer, Stephen wanted some hidden places for special items. Together with Anthony, our furniture designer, they designed hidden storage with unique accesses into various pieces of their furniture.Entertianment Buffet with cove crown walnut wood four drawers

Ideas are endless

The ability to design furniture to meet personal desires is an asset that drives Stephen and Dora’s journey of creative living spaces. They look forward to designing a beach bedroom and dining room soon. The love for quality furniture spurs Stephen and Dora to share their newfound treasure with everyone they meet. Come join them in their discovery of quality furniture at George’s Furniture store and bring your dreams to a reality.

See Your Furniture Hand Crafted

See Your Furniture Hand Crafted

George’s Difference

One of George’s differences is the ability to tour our wood working shop and see our furniture production. Not only do customers tour our wood shop, but they can also schedule to see their own furniture as it progresses through the wood shop.

See furniture order hand crafted

“My wife and I had been furniture shopping for over a year and decided it was time to buy.  While my wife was getting ready, I decided to make one last internet search for Lancaster County furniture stores.  I was positive that we had already visited every furniture store so I was not optimistic cherry table with black stain handcrafted furniture in lancaster design our own furniture yorkabout finding something new. George’s Furniture appeared on a list of stores we had previously visited, some of them multiple times. They were located near Maytown so I clicked on their website.” -Tom

Tom and Karen worked with our designers to create the perfect dining set that meets the specific needs and interests. They also scheduled an appointment to see their furniture in process. During their unique tour, they saw the chairs ready for assembly. The artisan carefully placed glue into the precisely angled holes drilled into in the seat for the chair legs. Tom and Karen observed the chair leveling process to make sure the chair will sit level in their home.

“I didn’t realize that so much work goes into making furniture.” — Tom

The finished table waited in the completed area. A bench is ready for assembly. The glued together coffee table wood top waited for shaping and edge routing. The stained panty waited for the final clear water-resistant coat of catalyzed conversion varnish. The bed not started.

Assembly lines vs hand crafted

Several minutes into the tour, Tom asked about the difference between George’s furniture process and other furniture manufacturing. He referred to the cost and time difference of mass production assembly lines. Masscareful sanding custom made furniture lancaster production uses production lines, large sheets of plywood and particleboard in the construction. They spend little time on matching grain and preparation (planning, cutting, and gluing together the solid wood) for assembly.

The path to quality

Handcrafted custom furniture made at George’s shop displays the careful attention to the wood grain, design, durability, and strength of the construction. Each artisan selects properly dried solid wood boards, cuts them to length, joints, and thickness plains the surfaces to prepare for gluing the wood pieces together. The furniture is ready for assembly after construction of all the individual parts (legs, skirts, tops, sides, drawers: fronts, sides, bottom-all solid wood, raised panel doors, rungs, seats, chair top, tongue-groove backing, etc.)

Next, they stain it, and apply a clear coat of finish. The artisan signs and dates their finished piece before an all-over light sanding and final application of water-resistant clear coat of spray-top to bottom, inside and out. Next to last stop – the hardware, table slides, and tongue-groove backing. Last stop is the storage area where it waits for the completion of the other pieces in the order and delivery to the customer’s house.

Beginning the furniture process

“We were met by Anthony upon our arrival.  After explaining what we were looking for, he expertly guided ushandmade furniture lancaster amish furniture york through all the options.  When ordering custom made furniture there are lots of decisions to make.  After several hours our order was finalized. -Tom

See your furniture in process

Our furniture was recently delivered and we are very happy with all the pieces.  They are gorgeous and exactly as we ordered.  The entire process from beginning to end was very pleasant and trouble free. We visited the shop and saw several of our pieces while in production. -Tom

Come and experience the George’s difference. The unique process of designing a new piece of furniture and scheduling to see its handcrafting journey enhances the furniture search.  Tour two large showrooms, explore new ideas and see the quality of craftsmanship.

In closing, my wife and I would like to sincerely

thank everyone at George’s Furniture. -Tom and Karen


Mystery Tour Baby Cradle

Mystery Tour Baby Cradle

Baby Cradle For New Arrival

A new baby was soon to enter into Doug and Shirley’s family.  Their daughter announced the expected arrival of their new grandchild on March 15, 1989.  An idea of a wooden cradle was on the top of the list and the search began.  They didn’t want just any regular cradle.  It had to be a unique and handcrafted.  As they traveled around Lancaster County, they saw George’s hand-engraved road signs.

In the showroom a child’s cradle greeted them.  They worked with George to design a special cradle perfect for their new grandchild.   They were delighted when the cradle arrived just in time.

Mystery Tour Discovered

Years later, a friend wanted to take a group of their friends on a mystery tour.  The tour guide was all excited to show some special places they had found.  After about three stops on the mystery tour, Doug realized that they were traveling on roads close to George’s Furniture.  Sure enough, their next stop was George’s Furniture.    “Our daughters cradle came from George’s,” Doug proudly announced.  The tour guide was a little disappointed that they had not surprise Doug and Shirley.  However, the disappointment was soon forgotten while the group enjoyed a personalize wood shop tour.

Tall Bed Challenge Solved

Shirley always enjoyed a tall bed.  She loved diving into her 36” high bed.  The higher bed allowed for some extra storage under the bed.  However, when she needed to have back surgery, her therapist said, “No more diving into your bed.”  She came back to George and requested a bed stool to be made.  It had one step and worked perfectly.  Now she could slowly roll into bed without pain.  Later a hand rail was added.

No Discontinued Styles

Well, another grand child is entering their family and it is time for another cradle.  George’s Furniture maintained the design from the first cradle and made another cradle.  These cradles will be cherished heirlooms for years to come.

Customer Shares Excitement

Doug and Shirley still talk about their experience with George’s furniture to all their friends and look forward to blessing their future grandchildren.  Visit our showroom and image the unique designs for your next heirloom.

No Birdhouses, Handcrafted Furniture Discovered

No Birdhouses, Handcrafted Furniture Discovered

David and Angela loved getting away from the stress of the office and the hustle and bustle of life in New Jersey.  They enjoyed traveling to Lancaster County to the peace and tranquility of Amish and Mennonite farmland. Their favorite place to stay was the Cameron Estate Inn and Restaurant, Mount Joy, PA.  The inn keepers, Abe and Betty Groff, were a delight to talk to which is the main reason why David and Angela’s return year after year.

Hand Engraved Road Signs

Traveling the Lancaster country roads, they often found hand-engraved road signs – George’s Woodcrafts- during their sight-seeing.   David and Angela would pass by wooden signs thinking they did not need any birdhouses or small wood crafts.  Finally one day they picked up an AAA travel guide and decided to check out George’s Woodcrafts. Were they surprised?  George’s did not make birdhouses at all.  Beautifully hand-crafted beds, dressers, long extension tables, smaller breakfast tables, tall tables were on display.  Desks, bookcases, chairs, rocking chairs, benches, anything one could imagine greeted them-all specially designed to their special dimensions.

Small space challenge solved

Special dimensions were the challenge David and Angela faced.  Their small house presented many problems for finding furniture that fit within the space.  The search was over.  They remember George Martin’s love for design and sharing of his unique designed rocker that did not tip over.  He quickly pushed himself way back and it stopped. They could not forget this amazing design. Later a rocking chair found its way into their home.  After sharing the history of the rocking chair, George proceeded to begin designing a small shelf that would mount to the side of the Finnegan’s bed.

Natural skill in designing

George’s did not need a picture of design from.  He would listen to the customer’s needs and space requirements, then design and draw out a sketch of what was in his mind. David was embarrassed about how much time George devoted to them, designing their little bed side shelf, even this other customers around.  The genuine desire to created and solve needs was why the Finnegan’s continued kept coming back for many more pieces of furniture over the years. Each room of their homes has at least one piece of furniture-except the bathroom.

George’s Legacy

Even though George has passed away, his daughter, son-in-law and skilled craftsmen carry the legacy of listening to customers’ needs and creating signed, dated, made by one craftsman, cherished hardwood heirlooms for over 50 years.  Visit George’s showroom and see for yourself the Lancaster County quality of that drew David and Angela and captured their hearts.

Quality Furniture is Contagious

Quality Furniture is Contagious

Florida brothers experience George’s Furniture

George got a call late one Saturday afternoon near closing time. “Are you open on Sunday? We just found your brochure and are interested in seeing your furniture. Our return flight leaves for Florida on Monday morning.” replied the caller. “ I am very sorry, but we do not have hours open on Sunday. We would be happy to help you on Monday,” answered George Martin.

Flight changed

So they changed their flight and came into the showroom on Monday morning. A walk through the showroom and wood shop convinced them of our quality, but they wanted a different design for the head-board and foot-board of their king size bed. So George designed his first ocean wave bedroom suite. To the ocean wave poster bed, they added a dresser, vanity and nightstands. 

Brother joins excitement

His brother heard about George’s quality furniture and wanted us to build a bookcase wall unit to encase a large fish aquarium. So he shipped the tank to us by freight to assure a perfect fit. 

In the next few years, these brothers filled their homes with more furniture. One chose a roll top desk while the other got a computer desk with swivel desk chairs to match. The second brother chose a sleigh bed.  A dresser, chest of drawers, night stands and a swivel full body mirror completed the set. Each one got entertainment centers and  mantles for their fireplaces. One got an extension table, extra boards and chairs to accommodate guests when they come for dinner.  Even their parents got in on the joy of handcrafted furniture, ordering a corner cupboard for their home. 

Additional deliveries

We made several 16 hour trips to personally deliver their furniture over the next few years. On one trip, I was privileged to accompany George. I always enjoyed meeting our customers in their homes. After the furniture was safely moved into their homes, they gave us a tour of their massive vegetable fields. We enjoyed small plane aerial view  over Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, Florida.

This was a truly unforgettable experience with a wonderful family of George’s fans.