Small Beginning

Small Beginning

Small Beginningwooden woven basket plaque engraving

Beginning in 1969 and for many years after that, George and I had a booth at Springs Folk Festival.  We sold our wooden lamps with woven veneer shades and lathe-turned candle holders. Cross-cut stools made from a log with the bark still on the edge added to the collection.  However the most popular item were the engraved signs and nameplates. Each sign was made for the customer while they waited.  Ray and Gloria Becker assisted with the many customers.  Ray sanded and attached chain hangers to the plaques while George did the engraving.  Later, as George and his craftsman started making furniture, the collection included tables, chairs, dry sinks, hutches.  George’s famous non-tip rocking chairs caught a lot of attention.

The Springs Folk Festival Craft show

The town of Springs, PA is located in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.  The first weekend in October was the peak for beautiful fall foliage in the area.  The stand holders demonstrated their craft which added  authenticity to the event.  Bus loads of people from Baltimore, Washington DC and Pittsburgh came.  On a beautiful Saturday, cars lined up from nearby Grantsville, MD, waiting to find parking in the grass fields around the festival.  On rainy days, cars got stuck in the fields and young car parkers needed to push them out of the mud.

Food brings crowdsdining room table furniture stores lancaster

Several other attractions were the food made by the Amish and Mennonite cooks.  Homemade bread baked in an old-time beehive-shaped bake oven.  Then covered with a generous helping of apple butter, made in a large copper kettle over a fire.  Special “festival sausage” made with the “whole pig”, hams and all kinds of other local favorites. As business grew, George focused his attention more at home.  In recent years, the next generation owners decided to attend the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals near cities like Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC and Baltimore.


See Your Furniture Hand Crafted

See Your Furniture Hand Crafted

George’s Difference

One of George’s differences is the ability to tour our wood working shop and see our furniture production. Not only do customers tour our wood shop, but they can also schedule to see their own furniture as it progresses through the wood shop.

See furniture order hand crafted

“My wife and I had been furniture shopping for over a year and decided it was time to buy.  While my wife was getting ready, I decided to make one last internet search for Lancaster County furniture stores.  I was positive that we had already visited every furniture store so I was not optimistic cherry table with black stain handcrafted furniture in lancaster design our own furniture yorkabout finding something new. George’s Furniture appeared on a list of stores we had previously visited, some of them multiple times. They were located near Maytown so I clicked on their website.” -Tom

Tom and Karen worked with our designers to create the perfect dining set that meets the specific needs and interests. They also scheduled an appointment to see their furniture in process. During their unique tour, they saw the chairs ready for assembly. The artisan carefully placed glue into the precisely angled holes drilled into in the seat for the chair legs. Tom and Karen observed the chair leveling process to make sure the chair will sit level in their home.

“I didn’t realize that so much work goes into making furniture.” — Tom

The finished table waited in the completed area. A bench is ready for assembly. The glued together coffee table wood top waited for shaping and edge routing. The stained panty waited for the final clear water-resistant coat of catalyzed conversion varnish. The bed not started.

Assembly lines vs hand crafted

Several minutes into the tour, Tom asked about the difference between George’s furniture process and other furniture manufacturing. He referred to the cost and time difference of mass production assembly lines. Masscareful sanding custom made furniture lancaster production uses production lines, large sheets of plywood and particleboard in the construction. They spend little time on matching grain and preparation (planning, cutting, and gluing together the solid wood) for assembly.

The path to quality

Handcrafted custom furniture made at George’s shop displays the careful attention to the wood grain, design, durability, and strength of the construction. Each artisan selects properly dried solid wood boards, cuts them to length, joints, and thickness plains the surfaces to prepare for gluing the wood pieces together. The furniture is ready for assembly after construction of all the individual parts (legs, skirts, tops, sides, drawers: fronts, sides, bottom-all solid wood, raised panel doors, rungs, seats, chair top, tongue-groove backing, etc.)

Next, they stain it, and apply a clear coat of finish. The artisan signs and dates their finished piece before an all-over light sanding and final application of water-resistant clear coat of spray-top to bottom, inside and out. Next to last stop – the hardware, table slides, and tongue-groove backing. Last stop is the storage area where it waits for the completion of the other pieces in the order and delivery to the customer’s house.

Beginning the furniture process

“We were met by Anthony upon our arrival.  After explaining what we were looking for, he expertly guided ushandmade furniture lancaster amish furniture york through all the options.  When ordering custom made furniture there are lots of decisions to make.  After several hours our order was finalized. -Tom

See your furniture in process

Our furniture was recently delivered and we are very happy with all the pieces.  They are gorgeous and exactly as we ordered.  The entire process from beginning to end was very pleasant and trouble free. We visited the shop and saw several of our pieces while in production. -Tom

Come and experience the George’s difference. The unique process of designing a new piece of furniture and scheduling to see its handcrafting journey enhances the furniture search.  Tour two large showrooms, explore new ideas and see the quality of craftsmanship.

In closing, my wife and I would like to sincerely

thank everyone at George’s Furniture. -Tom and Karen


Out of Ashes, A Woodshop Rises

Out of Ashes, A Woodshop Rises

A Calamitous Night

George’s Woodcrafts had just turned 20 years old.  George Martin’s efforts had grown a custom, solid wood furniture-making business that employed about 8 full-time craftsman. George and his family had retired for the night on April 28, 1989.  Suddenly, the dog started barking and someone began pounding on the door, frantically ringing the doorbell.  George bolted for the window and then yelled, “The woodshop is on fire!”  “Call the fire department!”  “Get the vehicles out!”

Fire Devastation

Many fire departments responded to the fire.  The firemen called it an “all-nighter”.  Obviously, the wood shop contained a lot of fuel for the fire.  The firemen were able to save some wood stored in the lower level of the barn as well as the wood piles stored outside but the rest was a total loss—machinery, patterns, lumber in the barn, and finished furniture in the storage area waiting to be delivered to customers.

During the fire, I (Ava Lee) went to find George.  He was sitting on an upside down bucket between the lumber yard and the burning barn.  He looked at me and said, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord”, a quote from Job in the Bible.

Clean-up Crew

Over the next two days, neighborhood farmers and men from churches in the area came with machines and chain saws to help clean up the ruins.  Women brought food to feed the hungry workers.  The Brotherly Aid Insurance Company came immediately to assess the damage and quickly gave approval to release funds allowing the rebuilding process to begin within days of the fire.

A Craftsman Turns General Contractor

Following the lead of one of our craftsman, an experienced builder, our entire team of craftsmen became carpenters as they helped to build a new woodshop where the old woodshop once stood. No one was injured in the fire or during reconstruction process. The new roof rafters were set on a drizzly day in May,1989, a month that held a record-breaking 10 inches of rain. Within 3 months of the fire, one wing of the woodshop was built and we were back to crafting solid wood furniture! Our craftsman rebuilt the furniture that was lost in the fire, while work continued on the rebuilding the rest of the shop.

A New Shop Brings Efficiency, a New Kiln, a Showroom, and More!

George often said, “I was happy with the shop in the dairy barn.  When God took away that one, He must have wanted me to have a new one.”  The new one is more efficient, and more conducive to giving shop tours. The new shop includes room for a showroom and a wood-drying kiln on the first level.

We’d love for you to stop in! Come by and check out our shop and view our gorgeous solid wood, handcrafted furniture!

2020 is George’s Furniture’s 50th Anniversary!

2020 is George’s Furniture’s 50th Anniversary!

As 2019 draws to a close, we look forward to 2020 with anticipation and excitement. The Christmas season surely brings a sense of excitement and wonder as we celebrate the coming of Jesus for the salvation of the world. We pray that the remaining days of 2019 are a time of rest and celebration with family and close friends and that you will experience peace and joy!

The thought of the new year is thrilling to us as 2020 is the 50th Anniversary for George’s Furniture! In celebration of our 50th year, we are offering specials on our quality, handmade, solid wood furniture. Each month holds a different item, so pay close attention!

Here is what you can look forward to in 2020:
January: Wedding Registry Month!

Register for your gift registry and receive a Keepsake wooden box or a set of wooden coasters. Or, refer an engaged couple and receive a gift certificate of $75 when they register.

February and March: Table Months!

$250 off Dining Tables

April: Bedroom Month!

10% off a 3 piece standard-design bedroom set or

$300 off King or Queen bed or

$200 off Full/standard or Single bed

May: Buffet & Hutches Month!

$350 off Buffet or similar storage unit.

$500 off Hutch or similar storage unit.

June: Entertainment Units, Coffee Tables and End Tables Month!

$400 off Coffee table and 2 end tables set

10% off custom entertainment unit

July: Chair Month!

15% off Side chairs, benches, settees and rocking chairs

August: Best Kept Secrets “The List”
September and October: Small Christmas items

Plant stands, Cutting boards, Saddle seat stools, 10 x 15 x 10 Foot stools, Coaster sets, Small cross, Vanity bench.  Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to find details.  Orders placed by October 31 to have by Christmas.

2020 promises to be an exciting year at George’s Furniture. If you haven’t already, visit our showroom to learn more about the quality, solid-wood furniture that we have been making for 50 years! You won’t be disappointed! We can’t wait to celebrate our 50th Anniversary with you! Stop on by the shop and visit! We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Kiln Drying and Craft Shows

Kiln Drying and Craft Shows

Fall Is Here!

In thinking of Fall, we can’t help but imagine warm days and cool nights with brisk mornings. It’s the in-between weather before winter, when summer does its best to hang on for a few more days, overridden by the telltale nip in the autumn air. Folks will soon turn to their fireplaces for a gentle warmth of the evening and the night. The warm glow of the fire, the smoky smell of burning wood, and the crackling that accompanies it,  draws us to rest after a full day’s work. Soon, the leaves will change, pumpkins will decorate porches, and families will begin to plan their holiday festivities.

Naturally, it’s a busy season at George’s. The kids are back in school, the shop continues to hum and buzz with activity, and we travel along the Mid-Atlantic area participating in craft shows. One of our favorite ways to meet new people is at the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals! Each of the 11 annual  festivals is an experience like no other. Artisans curated from all over come together to highlight their expertise! The craft festivals showcase everything from pottery to jewelry, forged metal, textiles, and wood. Live demonstrations show the craftsman’s skill, while entertainment and food keep guests coming back for more! Visit us at any of the Sugarloaf shows!

George’s Furniture will be at the Sugarloaf Fall shows:

Oct 18-20 in Chantilly, VA
Nov 8-10 in Oaks, PA
Nov 15-17 in Edison, NJ
Nov 22-24 in Gaithersburg, MD
and Dec 6-7 in Chantilly, VA

Autumn at George’s Furniture

We do love Autumn, that’s for sure. Perhaps it is the anticipation of the coming holidays. Maybe it’s the hubbub of the travel schedule. It could also be the crisp Fall air that accentuates the fragrance of our wood-drying kiln. You see, we slow dry all of our rough-sawn walnut lumber onsite. We heat our kiln using the wood trimmings from our woodworking projects. This method of drying reduces stress cracks that can occur if the lumber is dried too quickly. It also decreases the moisture in the wood. This is the most important part of the hardwood crafting process. We choose to kiln dry our lumber to ensure that your furniture does not develop loose joints, split, and warp.

The Benefits of Kiln Drying

Interestingly, some of our lumber will dry for several years before it is ready to be crafted. Each piece is meticulously cared for, staying in climate controlled buildings to retain its quality. Of course, the integrity of our wood includes how our furniture is made. To us, integrity is a core value: how we do business. It means that our furniture is built with ultimate quality and little waste. For example, any unusable wood we have left over is chipped and used to fire our kiln and heat our wood-shop. Obviously, because we re-purpose the scraps, little is wasted. Unlike other furniture-making materials including steel, plastic, and others, wood is a renewable resource. When you buy a piece of George’s furniture, you are conserving natural resources and protecting our earth for future generations.

Environmentally Conscientious Craftsmen

We desire to be conscientious craftsmen. Kiln drying our wood is one of the best ways we are able to achieve this goal! This method of preparing the wood means less chance for defects and better color retention. Because we kiln dry, we can guarantee customer satisfaction with each piece of furniture we create. Stop in at George’s to visit us this Fall. We’d love to show you around!

Made In America

Made In America

Does Buying American-made Products Really Matter?

According to Consumer Reports, 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Additionally, more than 60 percent say they’re even willing to pay 10 percent more for it.

On top of that, many consumers are aware that buying American-made items supports the economy. In fact, American perception of the Made in America label speaks of American quality, American creativity, American excellence, and high standards in American manufacturing . This means that Americans are producing a superior product and ensuring the health and safety of  the laborer. Durable products, job creation, low environmental impact, and economic benefits are all encased in those three words, Made in America.

Made In America Event in June!

This month, the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau will host its annual “Made In America” event. The event will run from June 12-15 and showcases local businesses. Each business will show you how it’s made using educational demonstrations and interactive presentations. Additionally, you’ll get to meet the makers themselves! There are 42 locations participating this year. George’s Furniture is one of them! Before you go, you’ll want to visit the Made In America event website to view the  Schedule of Events. The schedule will help you to make it to all of your favorite destinations! Don’t forget to download your own copy of the 2019 passport. If you return your passport to the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau with 5 or more stamps, you’ll be entered to win awesome prizes!

So, be sure to stop in at George’s Furniture while you are out on your tour! We open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12, and Thursday, June 13. Additionally, we are open Friday, June 14, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Made In America. These three powerful words can make a huge difference! At George’s, we believe these words are the difference between heirloom furniture and furniture that falls apart. In short, George’s Furniture holds timeless quality. You are getting everything the words Made In America stand for: excellence, quality, integrity, and superior, lifetime-guaranteed furniture.