George’s designs have always focused on producing furniture that display the nature beauty of hardwoods while creating a strong, durable heirlooms that serve a practical function in daily life.   He tried to address many of the problems that surface for furniture when they become antiques—loose joints, water spots on the finish, non-wooden parts that wear out, etc.

Humidity adjustment abilityTongue and groove backing allows for moisture adjustments of solid wood furniture store lancaster york

Because solid wood furniture is always expanding and contracting to adjust to the humidity levels of the environment, all joints are constructed with movement in mind.  Wood is dried in George’s kilns and furniture is constructed in a humidity-controlled environment similar to most homes.  This helps the furniture expand and contract as one unit with the seasonal changes of the environment.

Strong rung joints

On chairs where is it necessary to use glue rather than screws to keep joints together, each rung is hand-sanded to fit tightly in its hole.  The joints are so tight that the chair can hold the weight of an adult even before any glue is applied to the joints.  The glue is applied to the hole with a small paintbrush and the chair is clamped tightly together, forcing the glue throughout the pores of the wood.

George’s chairs do not need to be treated with special care to maintain their strength.  They have held up over years of workmen leaning back on them during break time and children using the back of them for makeshift sliding boards.  On the few occasions over the years when chairs have needed repair, it typically is due to a damaged rung rather than a loose joint.

Drawer strength

George’s commitment to solid wood construction has always included solid wood draw bottoms.  As a result, customers have the advantage of not needing to worry about drawer bottoms coming apart due to the weight of the contents in the drawers.  In fact, George’s creative grandchildren have even used drawers as hiding places without harming the furniture!

Strength test on custom handmade table lancaster york furniture storeTable Test

Strong construction extends into the tables – even when fully extended to 21 feet.  The strength of George’s extension tables was tested.  The first idea of placing a small vehicle on top of the extension table was considered.  The logistics of how to get a vehicle on the table was abandoned for a new idea of standing people on the table.  The final result of the strength test placed 14 people (1887 lbs.) on top of the table and the table stood strong.  The center leg supports the center of the table without interfering with your guest’s legs.

Non-Tip Rockernon tipping rocker solid wood furniture store made in lancaster

When George was small, he was having so much fun rocking in his rocking chair that he tipped it right over.  After recovering from the fall, he promised his mother that he would build a rocker that would not tip over.  George built that rocker and now there are 7 different sizes from a child’s rocker to a rocker for the large people (300-400 lbs.) Large or small, tall or short, there is a rocker designed for you that does not tip over.  Come and try the rocker for yourself or watch the rocker demo on our website.

George’s Difference

George’s unwavering commitment to building strong, hardwood, heirloom furniture continues with each new design.  Each piece is signed and dated by its maker and finished with a water-resistant finish.  Bring your idea and desires for functional furniture and George’s craftsmen will make those dreams come true.  Contact us today.