Building top-quality, handcrafted furniture is not just a seasoned skill—it’s an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality to our customers.

It means using only the best materials, dogging the details, and staying true to our proven process:

Drying the lumber

It begins with harvesting native trees at the right time, and the specifications we give to the sawmill. But most important is the drying of the lumber. We slow dry the rough-sawn lumber in our own kiln to reduce stress cracks that can occur in the grain if dried too quickly. Moisture in the wood can over time lead to loose joints, splits, and warping. In fact, some lumber will dry for several years before it is ready to be made into furniture. Even after the kiln-dried lumber meets our moisture standards, it is stored in a climate-controlled building until it is needed. 


A craftsman is chosen to handcraft, from start to finish, the furniture that has been ordered. He reviews the plans and selects the boards to be used, paying close attention to the grain and color. He then processes the boards through our joiners, planers, and table saws until they are ready to be glued to the desired sizes. Next, the craftsman carefully cuts, turns, and sands the pieces to exacting specifications. Each table leg and bed finial is individually hand turned on a lathe. Throughout the meticulous assembly process, precise hand sanding ensures proper fit and finish. 


The assembled piece of furniture is taken to the staining station where the craftsman hand rubs the color-specified stain into the wood. After the stain has thoroughly dried, the furniture is taken into the dust-filtering spray booth where two coats of a premium-quality clear, water-resistant finish are applied to the top, bottom, outside, and inside to seal the piece and protect it from moisture. The first coat of finish is dried and sanded. After the second coat, the piece is closely inspected for smoothness and coverage. 

Final inspection

Each piece is very carefully inspected to make sure it meets George’s Furniture quality standards. We know that our customers have high quality expectations. One of the last acts in the manufacturing process is applying a dated George’s Furniture touchmark in a place that normally won’t be seen, and having the craftsman that made the piece hand sign it, showing his pride in the artisanship. And finally, arrangements for delivery are made. 


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