Why a non-tip rocker?

When George was small, he had so much fun rocking in his grandma’s antique rocker that he tipped it right over. After recovering from the fall, he promised his mother that if he ever built a rocker, he would make one that would not tip over. George built that rocker in 1972.

Size your rocking chair

Now there are 7 different sizes from a child’s rocker to a rocker for the larger person (300-400 lbs). Large or small, tall or short, there is a rocker designed for you that will not tip over. The rocking chair is built with the same construction of all George’s chairs. All joints are hand-sanded to fit so tightly that the chair can be put together without glue and sat upon without coming apart. Glue is then added to each joint and clamped. The pressure from the clamp sends that glue throughout the pores of the wood, increasing the strength of the joint. These joints have been tested over the years as creative grandchildren have used the back of a George’s rocking chair as a make-shift sliding board!

Rocking chair far and wide

George’s rockers found their way to many places throughout the country. Recently, a person residing in Alaska was searching the internet for a quality rocking chair for his wife. He found our website, watched the video of the rocker and decided to purchase the rocker without ever visiting PA. The rocker was shipped to Alaska.

In the past year, one of George’s children spotted one of George’s rockers sitting in the lounge for new mothers at a local maternity hospital. Come and try the rocker for yourself or watch the rocker demo on our website.

George’s Difference

George’s unwavering commitment to building strong, hardwood, heirloom furniture continues with each new design.  Each piece is signed and dated by its maker and finished with a water-resistant finish.  Bring your idea and desires for functional furniture and George’s craftsmen will make those dreams come true.  Contact us today.