Wedding Registry at George’s


When preparing a wedding registry, you think of things like measuring cups and spoons, flatware, dinnerware, a Kitchen-Aid mixer, laundry baskets, and other necessary household items. Although these items are important and certainly necessary, an important, overlooked category on the wedding registry


– Furniture.


Many couples hesitate to ask for larger-ticket items such as a bed, a desk, bookshelves, sideboard, or a dining room table. They don’t realize that friends and family want to “pool” their funds to provide the newlyweds with a larger, long-lasting and more exciting gift.

While bowls break and spoons are lost, furniture typically stays with a couple for many, many years. High quality furniture built right, will become an heirloom!

How it works.


You and your fiance work with our design team to create your dream piece of furniture. Choose from Pennsylvania hardwoods of Cherry, Walnut, Oak and hard Maple with various stain options to your liking.  Plan for your future needs and specific space. Know that each piece of furniture is built with 100% solid hardwood by one craftsman, signed and dated.

Next, share your registry at George’s Furniture to your friends and family.  They will love to join together in bringing your dream to a reality by contacting us and placing their gifts on the bride’s account.  We will keep a detailed guest list of their gifts for you to thank them later.

You can even see your dream piece of furniture as it travels through the wood shop.  Allow your friends to celebrate with you by creating memories together.

Contact us today and begin the process of enjoying quality furniture.


Built Your Way.


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