Gather Around the Table

Gather Around the Table

Nothing compares to the excitement and joy of the holiday season! Perhaps the biggest part of the holidays is gathering around the table for a meal together. Sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s friends, sometimes it’s large groups and sometimes small. No matter who is gathered around the table, the times of gathering are precious.

A recent study revealed that 40% of American families eat dinner together only three or fewer times a week. This means that the act of gathering around the table for the holidays is even more special. It provides a unique opportunity for families to connect with each other and to make memories for years to come.

A study by the American College of Pediatricians shows that the simple act of sharing a meal together has the following overall benefits in children and teens:

Academic: Teenagers that dine around the table are more likely to get better grades. Aside from this, children expand their vocabulary based on how they hear words used in conversation. In addition, researchers have found a link between early childhood language experiences and literacy skills in high school.

Nutrition: According to the American College of Pediatricians, children who eat their meals at the table have healthful dietary patterns and are more likely to eat healthier foods.

Less screen time: Family dinners naturally reduce the time that children and teens spend looking at their screens and increase the time that they spend interacting with each other.

Reduced risk: Teens who eat regular meals at the table have a decreased risk of drug, nicotine, and alcohol use and are less likely to choose friends who use these products. In addition, eating meals around the table reduced the teenagers likelihood to engage in sexual activity and/or struggle with depression.

Positive relationships: Frequent family meals around the table results in a higher likelihood of having excellent relationships within the family unit. In fact teens were twice as likely to have good relationships with their fathers and siblings, and one and half times more likely to have an excellent relationship with their mother.

Reduced Stress: Emotional stress is also reduced with the simple additional of family meals around the table. In fact, 71% of teenagers studied said they “consider talking/catching up, and spending time with family members as the best part of family dinners”.

Satisfaction: Additionally, teens who ate frequent family meals were shown to be more helpful and trusting, have fewer behavioral and emotional problems, and ultimately, have a higher satisfaction with life, regardless of financial status.

Editor’s Note: To view the complete study, click here.

With these benefits in mind, the table becomes that much more important, not just for the holidays, but for the ins and outs of daily life.

At George’s Furniture, we treasure those times around the table. To us, a table means stability, strength, spontaneity, and assurance. Just as something as simple as eating meals around the table can literally change your life, the table itself can become a precious family heirloom for years to come.

Whatever your style, no matter how many seats you need, a George’s Furniture table can become that special place. Not just for the holidays, but for the every-days.

So, gather around the table and enjoy many happy holidays from all of us at George’s Furniture!

Please enjoy one of our favorite recipes as you gather around your table this holiday season. Simply right click to download the image for printing or visit Taste of Home. As always, you are welcome to visit George’s to discover the quality and craftsmanship behind each table and chair we create. Click here to schedule your tour today!

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Here at George’s, we pride ourselves on our durable furniture that has the ability to stay with families for generations. Each piece can be passed down from each generation to create long-lasting and unforgettable memories. While one might view a table as simply, a table, one table can be where your children ate their cereal as tiny toddlers and are now enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving dinner as adults. A single rocking chair could be the special spot that your father rocked you to sleep as a young child and is now where you are rocking your own child to sleep.

With each piece of furniture, you’re not only purchasing a high-quality artisan product, but you are purchasing memories that are truly priceless. Keep those family traditions alive through the existence of our furniture in your home or office. One day you might smile thinking about your child passing along your cherished rocking chair to their child someday.

Pass along the gift of memory with our Black Onyx Blend Tall Pedestal Table for long-lasting unique flair. The combination of the black onyx will draw the eye nicely to the sleek design and high quality that is specifically found in our furniture and craftsmanship. While you might see this as just a table, this table might just be the spot where beautiful memories are created for generations to come.

Give the gift of tradition with George’s.

Celebrate Father’s Day With A Gift from George’s Furniture

Celebrate Father’s Day With A Gift from George’s Furniture

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to say “thank you” or “I love you” than with a gift from George’s Furniture. Here at George’s, we recognize the tremendous sacrifice, love, support, and strength that men around the world provide to their families and friends. To all of the fathers, grandfathers, and soon-to-be-fathers, George’s Furniture is glad to wish each of you a Happy Father’s Day.

Our collection of hand-crafted furniture boasts the gift of tradition and durability for the men in your life. Reference our list below for gift ideas this Father’s Day.

Rocking Chairs

Our non-tip rocking chairs provide maximum relaxation for dad without the fear of tipping backward. Our high-quality design and structure allow for hours of rocking after a long day’s work.

Our Country Curve Rocking Chair provides a non-tip design, thick contoured seat and high-grade water-resistant coating for ultimate rocking pleasure. View our Rocking Chair collection here.

Bar Stools

Our bar stool selection provides strength and comfort in a chair with long-lasting durability, perfect for a man cave. Take a look at our selection of bar stools for a heavy-duty swivel with elegant design.

Our Onyx Blend Country Spindle-Back Barstool is constructed with 100% solid hardwood by a single craftsman. The two different stains are blended together for a sleek color combination to match any setting. View our Barstool collection here.


Each stool is hand-crafted, strong, stable and available in natural black walnut.

Our Traditional Stool has strength and beauty with a 100% solid hardwood construction for assisted elevation. Our stools are dependable for long-lasting support for years to come. View our Stool collection here.

Coffee Tables

Each and every one of our George’s Coffee Tables is handcrafted for ultimate design and durability. Each table offers simplistic style for any room.

Our Onyx Blend Mission Style 4 Drawer Coffee Table nicely blends two different stain colors for a beautiful and cohesive look. You can expect quality snacking and game day fun with this table. Water resistant and durable, this table will stay with you to create long-lasting memories. View our Coffee Table collection here.

Caring for Your Piece of George’s Furniture

Caring for Your Piece of George’s Furniture

Caring for your piece of George’s Furniture is not like caring for just any piece of furniture. The finish used on each of our pieces is a durable, high-quality finish—and it is the best we have found for the following reasons:

  • The finish is both heat and water-resistant
  • You do not need to use coasters for hot and cold drinks.
  • Warm dishes will not make white rings on the table (however, when taking items directly from the oven, stovetop, or microwave, a hot pad is suggested)
  • A good rule is: if it is not too hot for your fingers, it will not harm the table.

For weekly care, we suggest:

  • Furniture can be washed with a damp cloth.
  • Duster spray may be used (however, sprays that contain wax may cause an undesirable build-up over a period of time)

For occasional care, such as polishing or to remove fingerprints, use a good grade furniture polish. Our favorite is Old English Lemon Oil, but Guardsman is also a good choice!

It is important to note the following about your piece:

  • The finish will have a chemical reaction if it comes in contact with rubber cement, airplane glue, or similar products.
  • Permanent magic markers and cigarette burns cause permanent damage to the finish.  
  • The finish will scratch and the wood will dent, so be careful not to slide heavy objects across the table, counters, dressers, etc. A staple or even a hard crumb could cause a surface scratch or indentation.
  • This is solid wood furniture, and it can be refinished.

If the damage is a deep scratch or dent and the finish is broken, the damage can be minimized.

  • First, soak the dent with a water saturated washcloth for several hours.
  • Then, while protecting it with a damp washcloth, apply a steam iron to the dent and process will help swell the dent out to the original level.
  • Please call us for advice on this process.

Having been in business more than 47 years, we have already had families who bought a table when their children were small.  Then, when their family was older, they brought the table back to us and for just $250 to $300, we refinished the tabletop to look as good as new.

If you have any questions, please call us!

Furniture That is Built to Last

Furniture That is Built to Last

We often get asked what makes our furniture last so long. Many of our customers own George’s Furniture heirlooms that have been passed down to them—or they themselves plan on passing their pieces down to their children and other family members.

There are several reasons as to why our high-quality, hand crafted furniture is built to last right here in Lancaster County.

  1. Built from strong solid hardwood — Wood is a resource that keeps on giving. Pennsylvania forests are managed and cared for to strengthen and increase sustainability and the quality of our products.
  1. Constructed with the ability to adjust to moisture changes — between seasons and different climates. When the furniture is sitting in your home, the wood continues to move as the seasons change or the pieces move with you to different climates—but you’d never know it. Our furniture is assembled to allow for this movement without affecting its construction.
  1. Crafted by one craftsman with precision and seasoned skill — We do not have assembly lines. The craftsman who makes your furniture onsite will sign and date every masterpiece. Each craftsman takes pride in the personal work that goes into each piece they build—from start to finish. This goes a long way in controlling the overall quality and beauty in your own piece of furniture.
  1. Quality control at multiple points throughout the building process — The initial build of your furniture is by one the craftsman. While being hand stained, each surface of the furniture is checked closely. Final assembly includes hardware and possible lighting. We personally deliver our furniture; this allows us to check it while blanket wrapping it for delivery with one final check at your home while you’re present.
  1. Time tested joinery methods — Our gift to you through our joinery methods is a promise for long-lasting construction. Craftsmen are trained to know the “feel” of a solid joint during assembly.
  1. Durability and life of furniture is taken into account at the design stage before building starts — Each piece is reviewed together by both a designer and a craftsman—and continues throughout the building stage. Our designers enjoy working with you to create your own unique piece for your home.
  1. Maintained temperature and humidity in the wood shop and finishing room — Temperature and humidity levels are taken into consideration throughout the year to keep the wood in a constant stable condition from the building stage, and through to the finishing stage. The wood or furniture never leaves the building between building and finishing. We use humidity control in the building throughout the year.
  1. High grade sanding materials — we use the highest grade of sanding materials to give the perfect surface for receiving a consistent stain. Sanding materials are never overused and our craftsmen have the experience to know when enough sanding is enough.


As you can see, a lot of time and care goes into each piece of furniture made here at George’s Furniture. Contact us today or stop by our beautiful showroom!

Gather Around Our Table

Gather Around Our Table

The new year has arrived, and along with it comes a refreshing opportunity to restart. The staff at George’s Furniture loves this time of year—not only for its optimistic nature but for the crisp winter air that surrounds us during this season.

What better way to usher in 2018 than to invest in our handcrafted, nationally recognized “Just Keeps Growing” extension table for your dining room. This custom-built hardwood table is designed with love to meet all of your family’s dining and entertaining needs. This cozy addition to your home begins at 42 inches wide and 50 inches long, but can quickly and easily be transformed into an extension table capable of growing to a length of 21 feet.

We realize that family and friends may come and go, so a lengthy table may not always be necessary. A table that “grows” is perfect for all occasions throughout this new year. We have matching storage racks or cabinets available which provide you with a compact and convenient place to store your extension leaves until your next big family gathering.

Start the new year off right by treating your family to a product of the highest quality—one that will serve not only your dining and gathering needs, but a long-lasting heirloom which can be passed down through generations.

Give us a call today at 1-800-799-1685, and allow us to design your perfect table.