It’s Worth The Wait

It’s Worth The Wait

Quality discovered

The search for furniture is a common need for people all over the America and beyond.  Some are looking for furniture that will only last for several years while others are seeking furniture that will be heirlooms and will shine the quality for years to come. The search for the highest quality, solid, hardwood furniture made in America led Linda and Ed Riffert to Lancaster County, PA. After several years of looking in many furniture stores and experiencing disappointment of the quality, they nearly gave up. Is quality furniture still being made these days?

It’s Worth the Wait

During a visit to Kitchen Kettle, Intercourse, PA, they discovered a brochure from George’s Furniture.  They followed their GPS clear across Lancaster County, through the cornfields, away from the tourist area and the heavy traffic.  It seemed so far away.  The GPS said they arrived, but where was the showroom.  To Linda’s delight, several small signs stating, “George’s Furniture.” “Straight Ahead”.  “It is worth the wait” “Where dreams come true.” greeted them as they made their final journey to the wood shop and showrooms.

Quality Furniture discovered

Finally, a place where quality furniture is made and you can even see it being constructed in the wood shop. cascading levered construction style end table or desk lamp  furniture store in lancaster york The quality was astounding.  Ed and Linda worked with George and purchased a large oak corner cupboard for their house. A new cascading LED light is now shining the beautiful grain on Ed’s desk.

Craft Show findings

The Rifferts love attending craft shows and seeing quality items.  They continue to stop by our stand at the Kutztown Folk Festival, Heart of Lancaster and the numerous Sugarloaf Shows.  They love sharing their experience with George’s Furniture to people at the shows.  I enjoy watching their excitement as they share about finding quality furniture.

Sharing with others

Quality is meant to be shared.  Recently the Rifferts brought their daughter and son-in-law into the showroom to assist in their new dining table.  Quality is passing to the next generation.  Come and experience the furniture made by one craftsman while you watch.  Contact us or visit our website for ideas of a new heirloom.

Pentagon commissions expanding conference table

Pentagon commissions expanding conference table

Pentagon commissions expanding conference table

“West Donegal woodworkers crafts table for Pentagon.” Lancaster News Paper headlines announced a local family-owned business received a commission, an expanding conference table, from the Department of Defense. See complete story.

Quote to Completion

It all started with a quote. Tipped off by a current customer/employee, the Department of Defense commissioned George’s Furniture to design an expanding conference table.  The table measures 8 ft  in length however, it expands to 12 feet, allowing for the flexibility in meeting sizes.  The Pentagon accepted the and the fun commenced.  Assigned to a skilled craftsman, the conference table continued its journey to completion.  Lancaster News papers heard the news.  A Lancaster County business making a table for the United States government!  They were ecstatic. A reporter was quickly assigned, however, the photographer barely snapped enough pictures before the craftsman finished building the table.

 Unique Delivery

Meanwhile, delivery preparations were finalized, clearances submitted and specific instructions confirmed for transporting the table to its final Pentagon office location.  At the security gate, government employees carried the heavy oak conference table into the complex.

Grand Tour

As a result of a department meeting going overtime, the delivery which Chris and Anthony thought would be short, turned into a 3 hour ordeal.   During a three-hour grand escorted tour around the Pentagon, they explored the many hallway displays and the inventory room that keeps track of everything from toilet paper to combat tanks!

Back to work

Once the meeting finished, Chris and Anthony assembled the conference table. Firstly, the men secured the legs and the hooked the cabling into the two receiver boxes.  Secondly, they placed the four table leaves  into their storage cabinet to quietly wait for the next large meeting. Lastly, they gave instructions about how to properly operate the table.

Currently the table’s handcrafted strength and natural grain quality shines for everyone assembled. Gather around George’s tables for your next family or business gathering.  Contact us.

Employee Spotlight, Ava Lee

Employee Spotlight, Ava Lee

Former co-owner of George’s Furniture, Ava Lee Martin, has been involved with the company in various ways for 47 years.

It all started by supporting her woodworking artist husband, George. Although she has never manufactured furniture herself, she has truly enjoyed witnessing all of the unique projects coming to fruition. For many years, Ava Lee managed the showroom, answering phones, giving woodshop tours and scheduling furniture deliveries.  For Ava Lee, the best part of working for George’s Furniture has been seeing all of the happy customers who come back for more handmade furniture to complete their homes.

Aside from supporting the business in any way possible, in her free time, Ava Lee enjoys flower and vegetable gardening and playing the piano. George’s Furniture is very thankful for her many years of dedicated service.

“Won’t Tip Over” Rocking Chair

“Won’t Tip Over” Rocking Chair

In 1972, when George was young, he tipped his mother’s rocking chair so far back he hit his head! He made it a life goal to create a rocking chair that would not tip. Here at George’s Furniture, our “Won’t Tip Over” Rocking Chair solves this problem!

This rocking chair comes in various sizes and you can even choose the style of arms, woods, and finishes. All of our rocking chairs are the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in due to their low center of gravity, allowing for a slow and gentle rocking motion. The comfortable contoured seat means no cushion is necessary. The spindle-back style cylindrical bars give plenty of support to your back, ensuring a comfortable and high quality rocking experience.

For more information about our rocking chairs, or to place a custom order for one, call us today at 1-800-799-1685!


Watch the video here:

George’s Furniture Slanted Stool

George’s Furniture Slanted Stool

The George’s Furniture slanted stool can be custom made to match the wood and finish of your amazing non-tipping spindle-back rocking chair. The slanted stool to designed at the precise angle for maximum comfort. The motion of a rocking chair has proven to be very calming to the soul.

The George’s Furniture slanted stool is perfect to place your feet on for a relaxing resting position, and it can even be slid under your customized “rocking recliner” for storage!

For more information about our slanted stools and rocking chairs, or to place a custom order for either one, call us today at 1-800-799-1685!