Pentagon commissions expanding conference table

“West Donegal woodworkers crafts table for Pentagon.” Lancaster News Paper headlines announced a local family-owned business received a commission, an expanding conference table, from the Department of Defense. See complete story.

Quote to Completion

It all started with a quote. Tipped off by a current customer/employee, the Department of Defense commissioned George’s Furniture to design an expanding conference table.  The table measures 8 ft  in length however, it expands to 12 feet, allowing for the flexibility in meeting sizes.  The Pentagon accepted the and the fun commenced.  Assigned to a skilled craftsman, the conference table continued its journey to completion.  Lancaster News papers heard the news.  A Lancaster County business making a table for the United States government!  They were ecstatic. A reporter was quickly assigned, however, the photographer barely snapped enough pictures before the craftsman finished building the table.

 Unique Delivery

Meanwhile, delivery preparations were finalized, clearances submitted and specific instructions confirmed for transporting the table to its final Pentagon office location.  At the security gate, government employees carried the heavy oak conference table into the complex.

Grand Tour

As a result of a department meeting going overtime, the delivery which Chris and Anthony thought would be short, turned into a 3 hour ordeal.   During a three-hour grand escorted tour around the Pentagon, they explored the many hallway displays and the inventory room that keeps track of everything from toilet paper to combat tanks!

Back to work

Once the meeting finished, Chris and Anthony assembled the conference table. Firstly, the men secured the legs and the hooked the cabling into the two receiver boxes.  Secondly, they placed the four table leaves  into their storage cabinet to quietly wait for the next large meeting. Lastly, they gave instructions about how to properly operate the table.

Currently the table’s handcrafted strength and natural grain quality shines for everyone assembled. Gather around George’s tables for your next family or business gathering.  Contact us.