Cherished Heirlooms

Cherished Heirlooms

Cherished Heirlooms

In a day of instant access to anything we want, we forget the timeless characteristics such as craftsmanship, detail, quality, and durability. Sometimes, the best gifts, cherished heirlooms, are not bought from a franchise, or added to an online shopping cart.

Cherish – Hold Dear

To hold as dear, to treat with tenderness and affection is the meaning of the word cherish. When we cherish something, it is important to us, special and irreplaceable. Often, the things we cherish cannot be bought from a store. We cherish family, friends, and the memories we make together. Similarly, heirlooms are cherished because they remind us of the good times.

Common Thread – Well made

An heirloom is a piece of furniture, an article of jewelry, a special dish, or other movable item. Heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation typically share a common thread — they are well-made, designed by craftsmen to withstand the test of time. Heirlooms, that are passed on were used regularly by their original owners. As a result of the quality and skill craftsmanship, Heirlooms survived hard use and are still able to be passed from generation to generation.

Adjusts to moisture changes

At George’s, we design custom made pieces to become cherished heirlooms. That’s why we give so much individual attention to each project. It’s the small important details that make a piece last for generations. For example, each piece is constructed to adjust to moisture changes — between seasons and different climates. Because each piece is constructed with solid hardwood and uses time-tested joinery methods, the wood furniture adjusts as the seasons change, even if you decide to move to a different climate! George’s furniture is assembled to allow adjustment to moisture changes without affecting the construction of the piece.

Lasts to long

For more than 47 years, our owners and craftsmen have watched as our furniture pass from one generation to the next. A common question is how it is possible for the furniture to last so long! The answer is by working with the natural characteristics of solid wood.  Solid hardwood moves naturally.  Construct furniture with the ability to move and you have a piece of furniture that will endure for many years.  A great example is our dining tables. A young families purchased their dining room table from us. When the children grew up, the table passed to the next generation. This new generation carries on the legacy of gathering around the table, just as they did when they were young!

It’s our hope that the same excellence, beauty, and craftsmanship that inspired the initial generation to purchase from George’s Furniture will result in a gift given to the next generation as a cherished heirloom—a keepsake for generations to come.

Furniture That is Built to Last

Furniture That is Built to Last

We often get asked what makes our furniture last so long. Many of our customers own George’s Furniture heirlooms that have been passed down to them—or they themselves plan on passing their pieces down to their children and other family members.

There are several reasons as to why our high-quality, hand crafted furniture is built to last right here in Lancaster County.

Built from strong solid hardwood

Wood is a resource that keeps on giving. Pennsylvania forests are managed and cared for to strengthen and increase sustainability and the quality of our products.

Constructed with the ability to adjust to moisture changesTongue and groove backing allows for moisture adjustments of solid wood furniture store lancaster york

Between seasons and different climates. When the furniture is sitting in your home, the wood continues to move as the seasons change or the pieces move with you to different climates—but you’d never know it. Our furniture is assembled to allow for this movement without affecting its construction.

Crafted by one craftsman with precision and seasoned skill

We do not have assembly lines. The craftsman who makes your furniture onsite will sign and date every masterpiece. Each craftsman takes pride in the personal work that goes into each piece they build—from start to finish. This goes a long way in controlling the overall quality and beauty in your own piece of furniture.

Quality control at multiple points throughout the building processeach custom furniture is signed by craftsman who made it from start to finish craftsman's signature constructed in lancaster county furniture store

The initial build of your furniture is by one the craftsman. While being hand stained, each surface of the furniture is checked closely. Final assembly includes hardware and possible lighting. We personally deliver our furniture; this allows us to check it while blanket wrapping it for delivery with one final check at your home while you’re present.

Time tested joinery methods

Our gift to you through our joinery methods is a promise for long-lasting construction. Craftsmen are trained to know the “feel” of a solid joint during assembly.

Durability and life of furniture is taken into account at the design stage before building starts

Each piece is reviewed together by both a designer and a craftsman—and continues throughout the building stage. Our designers enjoy working with you to create your own unique piece for your home.

Maintained temperature and humidity in the wood shop and finishing room 

Temperature and humidity levels are monitored throughout the year to keep the wood in a constant stable condition from the building stage, and through to the finishing stage. The wood or furniture never leaves the building between building and finishing. We use humidity control in the building throughout the year.

High grade sanding materialsWalnut natural blend mission hall table amish furniture lancaster

We use the highest grade of sanding materials to give the perfect surface for receiving a consistent stain. Sanding materials are never overused and our craftsmen have the experience to know when enough sanding is enough.


As you can see, a lot of time and care goes into each piece of custom furniture is made here at George’s Furniture. Contact us today or stop by our beautiful Lancaster furniture store showroom!