In a day when we can buy anything we want from pretty much anywhere we want, it is easy to forget timeless characteristics such as craftsmanship, detail, quality, and durability. Sometimes, the best gifts are those that aren’t bought from a franchise, or added to an online shopping cart.

To hold as dear, to treat with tenderness and affection is the meaning of the word cherish. When we cherish something, it is because it is important to us, special, irreplaceable. Often, the things we cherish cannot be bought from a store. We cherish family, friends, and the memories we make together. Similarly, heirlooms tend to be cherished because memories were made with them.

Often, an heirloom is a piece of furniture, an article of jewelry, a special dish, or other movable item. Heirlooms that are able to be passed down from generation to generation typically share a common thread — they are well-made, designed by craftsmen to withstand the test of time. Heirlooms that are passed on often were used regularly by their original owners. Because of the quality and skill that went into making them, they are still able to be passed from generation to generation.

At George’s, we want your custom made piece to become a cherished heirloom. That’s why we give so much individual attention to each project we create. It’s the little things that make a piece last from generation to generation. For example, each piece is constructed with the ability to adjust to moisture changes — between seasons and different climates. Because each piece is solid wood and uses time-tested joinery methods, the wood adjusts as the seasons change, even if you decide to move to a different climate! George’s furniture is assembled to allow adjustment to moisture changes without affecting the construction of the piece.

Having been in business more than 47 years, our owners and craftsmen have seen our furniture pass from one generation to the next. A common question our long-time customers ask is how it is possible for the furniture to have lasted so long! A great example is our dining tables. We have had young families purchase their dining room table from us. When the children had all grown up, the table passed to the next generation. This new generation carries on the legacy of gathering around the table, just as they did when they were young!

It’s our hope that the same excellence, beauty, and craftsmanship that inspired a purchase from George’s Furniture will result in a gift given to the next generation as a cherished heirloom—a keepsake for generations to come.

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