Nothing compares to the excitement and joy of the holiday season! Perhaps the biggest part of the holidays is gathering around the table for a meal together. Sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s friends, sometimes it’s large groups and sometimes small. No matter who is gathered around the table, the times of gathering are precious.

A recent study revealed that 40% of American families eat dinner together only three or fewer times a week. This means that the act of gathering around the table for the holidays is even more special. It provides a unique opportunity for families to connect with each other and to make memories for years to come.

A study by the American College of Pediatricians shows that the simple act of sharing a meal together has the following overall benefits in children and teens:


Teenagers that dine around the table are more likely to get better grades. Aside from this, children expand their vocabulary based on how they hear words used in conversation. In addition, researchers have found a link between early childhood language experiences and literacy skills in high school.


According to the American College of Pediatricians, children who eat their meals at the table have healthful dietary patterns and are more likely to eat healthier foods.

Less screen time:

Family dinners naturally reduce the time that children and teens spend looking at their screens and increase the time that they spend interacting with each other.

Reduced risk:

Teens who eat regular meals at the table have a decreased risk of drug, nicotine, and alcohol use and are less likely to choose friends who use these products. In addition, eating meals around the table reduced the teenagers likelihood to engage in sexual activity and/or struggle with depression.

Positive relationships:

Frequent family meals around the table results in a higher likelihood of having excellent relationships within the family unit. In fact teens were twice as likely to have good relationships with their fathers and siblings, and one and half times more likely to have an excellent relationship with their mother.

Reduced Stress:

Emotional stress is also reduced with the simple additional of family meals around the table. In fact, 71% of teenagers studied said they “consider talking/catching up, and spending time with family members as the best part of family dinners”.


Additionally, teens who ate frequent family meals were shown to be more helpful and trusting, have fewer behavioral and emotional problems, and ultimately, have a higher satisfaction with life, regardless of financial status.

Editor’s Note: To view the complete study, click here.

With these benefits in mind, the table becomes that much more important, not just for the holidays, but for the ins and outs of daily life.

At George’s Furniture, we treasure those times around the table. To us, a table means stability, strength, spontaneity, and assurance. Just as something as simple as eating meals around the table can literally change your life, the table itself can become a precious family heirloom for years to come.

Whatever your style, no matter how many seats you need, a George’s Furniture table can become that special place. Not just for the holidays, but for the every-days.

So, gather around the table and enjoy many happy holidays from all of us at George’s Furniture!

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