Made In America

Made In America

Does Buying American-made Products Really Matter?

According to Consumer Reports, 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Additionally, more than 60 percent say they’re even willing to pay 10 percent more for it.

On top of that, many consumers are aware that buying American-made items supports the economy. In fact, American perception of the Made in America label speaks of American quality, American creativity, American excellence, and high standards in American manufacturing . This means that Americans are producing a superior product and ensuring the health and safety of  the laborer. Durable products, job creation, low environmental impact, and economic benefits are all encased in those three words, Made in America.

Made In America Event in June!

This month, the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau will host its annual “Made In America” event. The event will run from June 12-15 and showcases local businesses. Each business will show you how it’s made using educational demonstrations and interactive presentations. Additionally, you’ll get to meet the makers themselves! There are 42 locations participating this year. George’s Furniture is one of them! Before you go, you’ll want to visit the Made In America event website to view the  Schedule of Events. The schedule will help you to make it to all of your favorite destinations! Don’t forget to download your own copy of the 2019 passport. If you return your passport to the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau with 5 or more stamps, you’ll be entered to win awesome prizes!

So, be sure to stop in at George’s Furniture while you are out on your tour! We open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12, and Thursday, June 13. Additionally, we are open Friday, June 14, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Made In America. These three powerful words can make a huge difference! At George’s, we believe these words are the difference between heirloom furniture and furniture that falls apart. In short, George’s Furniture holds timeless quality. You are getting everything the words Made In America stand for: excellence, quality, integrity, and superior, lifetime-guaranteed furniture.

Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture

Amish Communities

Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are home to the largest Amish Communities in the United States. The Amish lifestyle consists of plain clothes, horse and buggy, no electricity, one-room schoolhouses, and farming. Over the years they developed a reputation for their quality quilts, furniture, baked goods, and produce. In fact, in 2015, about 8.34 million visitors to Lancaster County directly spent $1.97 billion, creating a total tourism impact of $2.64 billion in the county.

Quality Compromised

Over time, marketing replaced craftsmanship. While a few Amish craftsmen are still producing quality furniture, many stores market Amish furniture devoid of the quality buyers expect. As the perception of the quality  Amish furniture increases, the natural result is an increase in demand.  This increase brought new systems and processes which dropped the quality of the product.  They compromised when materials such as cheaper stains, protective coatings, glue, or hardware.  They left the old process of construction behind while newer methods of cheap assembly take over.  These newer methods, which use assembly lines and computerized machines, compromise excellence for the convenience of efficiency.  Consequently, the quality of hardwood furniture is lost along with the buyers ability to customize their product.

Furniture Experts

Furniture experts pinpoint pieces displaying true quality, handmade Amish furniture. The untrained eye, however, sees little or no distinction.  While Amish craftsmen are talented, rarely is the resulting piece considered by furniture experts as constructed by a Master Craftsman. Why does this matter? Furniture crafted by a Master Craftsman ultimately become heirlooms.

Master Craftsmen

Heirlooms are pieces constructed to withstand the test of time and passed down to the next generation. mission raised panel bed custom made furniture store in lancasterFurniture designed, crafted, and assembled by master craftsmen endure the normal wear and tear of daily life. While George’s craftsmen are not Amish furniture makers, we are Master Craftsmen. George’s master craftsmen build each piece to suit the needs of the buyer now and in the future.  Forever cherished assets.

George’s Difference

each custom furniture is signed by craftsman who made it from start to finish craftsman's signature constructed in lancaster county furniture storeAt George’s Furniture, one craftsman uniquely crafted each piece – signed and dated.  100% Pennsylvania hardwood construction—no plywood here!  Each item is built-to-order, custom made to your specifications.  Visit our showrooms and see the furniture manufacturing! Time-tested construction for over 50 years…that’s the George’s difference.

Our Entertainment & TV Stand Pieces

Our Entertainment & TV Stand Pieces

Your living space will be inviting for guests and family with our variety of quality Entertainment Centers and TV Stands. Each style boasts elegance and longevity as a perfect addition to your living room for family movie nights or watching games with friends.


Entertainment Buffets

These buffets are adjustable and provide shelving for easy storage boasting charm and relaxation to your living space for your next family evening together.

Entertainment Buffets With Hutch Top

These Entertainment Centers provide storage space for all of your gadgets and entertainment accessories without the fear of looking cluttered. Your accessories will be protected from dust and damage with our multiple shelving design.

TV Stands

These stands are simplistic for easy use in any room. Each piece is handcrafted for optimal quality and can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

Entertainment Centers

These unique entertainment centers exhibit clean lines and will be the hub of your family living space. Customize your dream entertainment center and watch your craftsmen bring your vision to life

Add A Modern Touch To Your Space With George’s

Add A Modern Touch To Your Space With George’s

Each of our hardwood products is hand-crafted to offer the highest possible quality we can to each and every one of our customers. Our goal is for each purchase to provide value to your life without the fear of replacement or damage. While all of our products provide the gift of longevity, our items are also able to transcend the ages and fads with quality and durability, that most other quickly assembled products might not.

Achieve modern style but without the low-quality construction with our artisan Open Shelf Modern Bookcase. Our 100% hardwood nature will offer durability and the open shelving provides a modern look to your home. While this bookcase is available to store books, there is also a large open slot to fit a television as well as other electronics.

Live modern with our timeless products from George’s.

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Here at George’s, we pride ourselves on our durable furniture that has the ability to stay with families for generations. Each piece can be passed down from each generation to create long-lasting and unforgettable memories. While one might view a table as simply, a table, one table can be where your children ate their cereal as tiny toddlers and are now enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving dinner as adults. A single rocking chair could be the special spot that your father rocked you to sleep as a young child and is now where you are rocking your own child to sleep.

With each piece of furniture, you’re not only purchasing a high-quality artisan product, but you are purchasing memories that are truly priceless. Keep those family traditions alive through the existence of our furniture in your home or office. One day you might smile thinking about your child passing along your cherished rocking chair to their child someday.

Pass along the gift of memory with our Black Onyx Blend Tall Pedestal Table for long-lasting unique flair. The combination of the black onyx will draw the eye nicely to the sleek design and high quality that is specifically found in our furniture and craftsmanship. While you might see this as just a table, this table might just be the spot where beautiful memories are created for generations to come.

Give the gift of tradition with George’s.