George’s Furniture featured at Sugarloaf’s fall crafts shows

George’s Furniture featured at Sugarloaf’s fall crafts shows

George’s Furniture Featured at Sugarloaf

The Sugarloaf craft show season will be here before you know it and George’s Furniture is thrilled to be part of it again this fall. We meet so many wonderful people and we have so much fun showing off all the wonderful pieces we’ve created. See current show/events schedule.

The Festival brings together over 300 talented artists from across America displaying their creations and attracts over 200,000 total shoppers each year. Shoppers enjoy the unique experience of fine craftsmanship all under one roof and can choose to come for one day or all three. Come meet the artists who are excited to share their passion!

Discover Skilled Artists near you!

2018 Schedule:

  • October 12-14, Timonium, MD
  • October 19-21, Chantilly, VA
  • November 2-4, Oaks, PA
  • November 9-11, Edison, NJ
  • November 16-18, Gaithersburg, MD
  • December 7-9, Chantilly, VA

Check current show/event schedule



New items

Some items you can look forward to seeing from George’s Furniture. This year we’ll be showcasing our NEW LED light. The Cascading Lamp features a levered construction with an LED light illuminating the natural wood grain of the levels below. This design is reminiscent of the beautiful style found at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters HouseDisplay a favorite picture, medal, or keepsake on the smaller shelf while enjoying the ambient light and natural beauty. The levered design is also available as a modern wall shelf.

Famous Extension Table

Our world famous extension table will be on display, come experience an extension table that begins as a 4 person table for small gatherings but can later extend over 13 ft with ease and gracefulness to accommodate families and friends. Our table is so easy to open, you simply just grab the end of the table and open the table to your desired length. Seating everyone around one table has never been easier and more comfortable. Stop by our booth to see first hand the natural wood grain beauty and craftsmanship characteristic of George’s furniture.

Can’t attend, come see us in Lancaster, PA

If you can’t make it out to the festival this year, don’t worry! We’re happy to meet you in our showroom and show you these lovely items one-on-one.

Hope to see you out at the Festival!

Who Exactly Is George?!

Who Exactly Is George?!

At the age of 10, George Martin had an extensive interest in woodworking. In response to a mishap with his mother’s rocker, he designed a rocking chair that would not go over backward. George decided to turn his love for the woodworking craft, that started as a hobby, into a thriving business that would soon be passed down through generations.

Handmade Furniture Store Begins

George founded George’s Woodcrafts in 1970 which specialized in handcrafted, solid hardwood furniture for customers who appreciated quality construction. Since 1975, the business has operated at the present farm located just outside of the historic Maytown, in Lancaster County, PA.

George was a dreamer and deep thinker.  Whether in the middle of the night, or the lawn mower or just relaxing under a tree, he was working on new ideas or processing life.  “The Place where dreams come true” was true for George as well as his customers.  His love for wood working blesses not only his employees but also his customers.

Hidden Potential Discovered

George saw the potential in a piece of wood that others might set aside. He saw potential in each of his craftsmen. He loved watching his craftsmen enjoying their work and the satisfaction that come from building the complete piece of handcrafted furniture from start to finishing with their unique signature.

“Georges saw the gifts and potential in me, taking my love of wood and people, and steered me towards sales and design.  I still love wood and enjoy working with people.”  -Anthony

Passion Expressed

George’s passion was evident as he related to his customers.  He loved sharing his ideas and details of solid hardwood furniture crafting with everyone. Hobby woodworkers indulged in his extensive knowledge and spend hours listening to his stories.  Working with George and feeling his passion for wood and people clearly impresses our customers. The personal experience is what our customers enjoy over the decades. Georges passed away in 2010 but you can still feel George’s passion by visiting our video page.  Experience first-hand as George narrates and shares his passion for woodworking.

Legacy Carried On

In 2008, George reached retirement and turned his business over to his talented daughter Juanita and husband Chris Horst. Both Juanita and Chris have gone on to carry along the family legacy and share the dedication to quality that George’s customers have come to expect.

To learn more about us, visit us for an in-depth tour of our facilities!

Stop in for a George’s Furniture Woodshop and Showroom Tour!

Stop in for a George’s Furniture Woodshop and Showroom Tour!

Here at George’s, we pride ourselves on our deep Lancaster County roots and having a craft that has been passed down through generations. We love when visitors stop in for a woodshop tour to learn more about us. Schedule your today!

Our tours offer a fun and informative experience that takes you through a guided tour of our woodshop and showrooms. Knowledgeable tour guides offer an in depth look at how George’s Furniture is handcrafted by one craftsman, one piece at a time.

While we would LOVE to meet each of you in person, we know that not all of you will be able to stop in for a tour.  If you are unable to stop by, we encourage you to visit our website and view our videos detailing a previous tour we provided for PNC Tours!

Our tour hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, and Friday from 9 am – 2 pm.

Our Wood Variations

Our Wood Variations

How do I choose a wood for my custom solid wood furniture?

At George’s Furniture, every piece of furniture is made from high-quality hardwood. It is crafted from start to finish by one of our highly-skilled craftsmen.  The use of hardwood for our furniture is especially crucial to our business as it ensures longevity and durability. Each piece of furniture comes in a gorgeous design and long-lasting finish with your choice of wood and stain. We can help you select the right wood that will provide a look of elegance to match the décor of any room or office. Part of the decision in choosing a wood variety will be preference (color, appearance). However part of the deciding factor should also be practicality, including the weight of the finished piece.

Not only is wood a sustainable and renewable resource but purchasing wood furniture from a locally-run and USA based company boosts the local economy and provides American jobs in the forest products industry.  Hardwood is also durable, natural and draws people into the beauty of the real wood with its color variations and character. Our 100% hardwood furniture comes in Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Hard Maple with a variety of different stain options. While each wood boasts its own glory, why choose one over the other? Let’s find out.


Natural Black Walnut Blenddining room table furniture stores lancaster

This blend is natural walnut using both the dark inner heartwood along with the lighter sapwood, revealing a gorgeous color combination. The central part of the tree is dark brown in color, while the outer layers of sapwood are a light off-white color. Our talented artisans choose the boards that have both the sapwood as well as the heartwood grain of the walnut tree. The arrangement of the board is an important aspect of the crafting as it creates a unique natural flow of grain.

black walnut custom made table furniture store in Lancaster paBlack Walnut

Black walnut come from the same tree as the walnut blend however the lumber selected for the furniture is taken from the center of the tree.  Walnut is not as busy looking while it displays the natural grain patterns of the more mature growth rings.

Both the black walnut and the black walnut blend are air dried which makes it less stressful on the wood itself, retaining its natural beauty of the color variation. In choosing this particular wood, know that it is finished with a clear and water-resistant finish to enhance its natural beauty without staining the wood. Black Walnut has a flowing, feathery grain.

Cherry Woodcherry bedroom handcrafted furniture lancaster

Our Cherry Wood is naturally lighter red in color with a beautiful flowing grain. This gorgeous choice of wood is typically stained. 15 different variety of stains are available to choose from – from light red to dark red and everything in between. The elegant and rich-looking result is very popular among our customers.


oak mission coffee table custom made furniture lancasterRed Oak

This choice of wood has a distinct, bold grain that is naturally light golden in color. Our customers choose from about 15 different stains for this hardwood which highlights the darker part of the grain. Red oak is about 15% heavier which is an important characteristic to note for our customers.


Hard Maplemaple modern handcrafted in lancaster furniture store in york

Maple has a naturally light creamy color.  It displays a smooth flowing grain for a softer look.  It is very dense and needs to have the grain raised so that stain can penetrate into the wood.  The natural maple is an attractive accent when combined with darker woods like walnut or stained cherry. Create your own unique accent piece that is a one-of-a-kind, signed and dated.

Regardless of the wood type you choose, the furniture is protected with our water-resistant clear finish, inside and out, top and bottom. Our finish will protect your furniture for decades to come. Each piece of furniture is signed and dated by the craftsman who built it. Head on into our furniture store in Lancaster county, PA to learn more about our crafting process and to take a tour with us!

A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Are you looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift? Give mom the gift of George’s Furniture this Mother’s Day.

There are several ways in which you can make this Mother’s Day very special with us:

  1. Schedule a tour of our woodshop so mom can see our skilled craftsmen in action.
  2. Visit our showroom to see a variety of options that your mother can choose from.
  3. Your mom will have the option of various natural woods and high-quality, water-resistant finishes to choose from. All of our furniture is customizable, from our gorgeous extension table to our rocking chair with matching slanted footstool.

Visit George’s Furniture for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year! Call 1-800-799-1685 to schedule a tour today!