With each piece of furniture comes a gorgeous design and long-lasting finish with your choice of wood and stain. Each selection of wood will provide a much different look of elegance to match the decor of any room or office.

Our 100% hardwood pieces come in either Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Hard Maple with a variety of different stain options. While each wood boasts its own glory, why choose one over the other? Let’s find out.


Natural Black Walnut Blend

This blend is natural walnut using both the dark inner heartwood along with the lighter sapwood, revealing a gorgeous color combination. The central part of the tree is dark brown in color, while the outer layers of sapwood are a light off-white color.

Our talented artisans choose the boards that have both the sapwood as well as the heartwood grain of the walnut tree. The arrangement of the board is an important aspect of the crafting as it creates a unique natural flow of grain.

The black walnut is air dried which makes it less stressful on the wood itself, retaining its natural beauty of the color variation. By choosing this particular wood, it is usually finished with a clear and water-resistant finish to enhance its natural beauty without staining the wood.


Cherry Wood

Our Cherry Wood is naturally lighter red in color with a beautiful flowing grain. This gorgeous choice of wood is typically stained, offering our customers a variety of 15 different stains to choose from – from light red to dark red and everything in between. The elegant and rich looking result is very popular among our customers.


Red Oak

This choice of wood has a distinct, bold grain that is naturally light golden in color. Our customers choose from about 15 different stains for this hardwood which highlights the darker part of the grain. Red oak is about 15% heavier which is an important characteristic to note for our customers.


Hard Maple

Maple has a naturally light creamy color.  It displays a smooth flowing grain for a softer look.  It is very dense and needs to have the grain raised so that stain can penetrate into the wood.  The natural maple is an attractive accent when combined with darker woods like walnut or stained cherry. Create your own unique accent piece that is a one-of-a-kind, signed and dated.

Head on into our shop to learn more about our crafting process and to take a tour with us!

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