In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s hard to imagine the simplicity of “days gone by”. Often, it’s hard to even take a moment to sit on the porch in a rocking chair and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer! I’m sure we all have had an elder say to us, “when I was your age, I didn’t have ______.” In an ever-changing world, it’s hard to disconnect, unwind, and relax. Home is that haven for many people, a place to get away from daily demands. Many people choose furniture for its look or style to reflect their personality and individuality. However, most of us ultimately select furniture for comfort.

Craftsmen of the past knew how to make quality furniture.

Our elders knew a thing or two about furniture. Before big box stores and mass manufacturing, furniture had to be built for practicality and usefulness for sure! Furniture had to be durable. It also had to be functional for providing hospitality to visitors. The comfort of the guest and the ability to entertain were paramount! Quality furniture of the past reflected these values. The craftsmanship, of the past, even the recent past, speaks a standard that is, sadly, missing from today’s furniture.

Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, once said, “A father’s a treasure; a brother’s a comfort; a friend is both.” At George’s, we know that high-quality furniture can be a treasure, a comfort, and a friend. Solid wood furniture that is built to stand the test of time becomes more than just a place to sit. Solid wood furniture becomes a place of happiness, reminiscing, making memories and cherishing every moment.

What’s the big deal about George’s rocking chairs?

George’s rocking chairs mean a great deal to us because an encounter with a rocking chair is how we came to be! In fact, when our founder, George, was young, he tipped his mother’s rocking chair so far back that he hit his head! As a result, he made it a life goal to create a rocking chair that would not tip. From this experience, George took up the trade of woodworking. Ultimately, he created our no-tip rocking chair to make sure that no one else has the poor experience that he had with rocking chairs!

Our no-tip rocking chair comes in various sizes. You can even choose the style of arms, the type of wood, and the color finish you’d like to have! But, most importantly, all of our rocking chairs are the most comfortable rocking chairs you will ever sit upon! Their low center of gravity enables supreme comfort and allows for a slow and gentle rocking motion. Our rocking chairs also have a contoured seat which means that no cushion in necessary! For a fluid, quality rocking experience, our spindle back cylindrical bars provide plenty of support for your back.

Discover George’s rocking chairs for yourself!

Of course, some don’t believe us until they experience our rocking chairs for themselves. So, come on over to George’s and try it for yourself! Stay and sit for a spell! You’ll find that our no-tip chairs quickly become the best-loved seat in the house for resting, relaxing, reminiscing, and enjoying these lazy days of summer.