Florida brothers experience George’s Furniture

George got a call late one Saturday afternoon near closing time. “Are you open on Sunday? We just found your brochure and are interested in seeing your furniture. Our return flight leaves for Florida on Monday morning.” replied the caller. “ I am very sorry, but we do not have hours open on Sunday. We would be happy to help you on Monday,” answered George Martin.

Flight changed

So they changed their flight and came into the showroom on Monday morning. A walk through the showroom and wood shop convinced them of our quality, but they wanted a different design for the head-board and foot-board of their king size bed. So George designed his first ocean wave bedroom suite. To the ocean wave poster bed, they added a dresser, vanity and nightstands. 

Brother joins excitement

His brother heard about George’s quality furniture and wanted us to build a bookcase wall unit to encase a large fish aquarium. So he shipped the tank to us by freight to assure a perfect fit. 

In the next few years, these brothers filled their homes with more furniture. One chose a roll top desk while the other got a computer desk with swivel desk chairs to match. The second brother chose a sleigh bed.  A dresser, chest of drawers, night stands and a swivel full body mirror completed the set. Each one got entertainment centers and  mantles for their fireplaces. One got an extension table, extra boards and chairs to accommodate guests when they come for dinner.  Even their parents got in on the joy of handcrafted furniture, ordering a corner cupboard for their home. 

Additional deliveries

We made several 16 hour trips to personally deliver their furniture over the next few years. On one trip, I was privileged to accompany George. I always enjoyed meeting our customers in their homes. After the furniture was safely moved into their homes, they gave us a tour of their massive vegetable fields. We enjoyed small plane aerial view  over Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades, Florida.

This was a truly unforgettable experience with a wonderful family of George’s fans.