Fall Is Here!

In thinking of Fall, we can’t help but imagine warm days and cool nights with brisk mornings. It’s the in-between weather before winter, when summer does its best to hang on for a few more days, overridden by the telltale nip in the autumn air. Folks will soon turn to their fireplaces for a gentle warmth of the evening and the night. The warm glow of the fire, the smoky smell of burning wood, and the crackling that accompanies it,  draws us to rest after a full day’s work. Soon, the leaves will change, pumpkins will decorate porches, and families will begin to plan their holiday festivities.

Naturally, it’s a busy season at George’s. The kids are back in school, the shop continues to hum and buzz with activity, and we travel along the Mid-Atlantic area participating in craft shows. One of our favorite ways to meet new people is at the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals! Each of the 11 annual  festivals is an experience like no other. Artisans curated from all over come together to highlight their expertise! The craft festivals showcase everything from pottery to jewelry, forged metal, textiles, and wood. Live demonstrations show the craftsman’s skill, while entertainment and food keep guests coming back for more! Visit us at any of the Sugarloaf shows!

George’s Furniture will be at the Sugarloaf Fall shows:

Oct 18-20 in Chantilly, VA
Nov 8-10 in Oaks, PA
Nov 15-17 in Edison, NJ
Nov 22-24 in Gaithersburg, MD
and Dec 6-7 in Chantilly, VA

Autumn at George’s Furniture

We do love Autumn, that’s for sure. Perhaps it is the anticipation of the coming holidays. Maybe it’s the hubbub of the travel schedule. It could also be the crisp Fall air that accentuates the fragrance of our wood-drying kiln. You see, we slow dry all of our rough-sawn walnut lumber onsite. We heat our kiln using the wood trimmings from our woodworking projects. This method of drying reduces stress cracks that can occur if the lumber is dried too quickly. It also decreases the moisture in the wood. This is the most important part of the hardwood crafting process. We choose to kiln dry our lumber to ensure that your furniture does not develop loose joints, split, and warp.

The Benefits of Kiln Drying

Interestingly, some of our lumber will dry for several years before it is ready to be crafted. Each piece is meticulously cared for, staying in climate controlled buildings to retain its quality. Of course, the integrity of our wood includes how our furniture is made. To us, integrity is a core value: how we do business. It means that our furniture is built with ultimate quality and little waste. For example, any unusable wood we have left over is chipped and used to fire our kiln and heat our wood-shop. Obviously, because we re-purpose the scraps, little is wasted. Unlike other furniture-making materials including steel, plastic, and others, wood is a renewable resource. When you buy a piece of George’s furniture, you are conserving natural resources and protecting our earth for future generations.

Environmentally Conscientious Craftsmen

We desire to be conscientious craftsmen. Kiln drying our wood is one of the best ways we are able to achieve this goal! This method of preparing the wood means less chance for defects and better color retention. Because we kiln dry, we can guarantee customer satisfaction with each piece of furniture we create. Stop in at George’s to visit us this Fall. We’d love to show you around!