Craftsman Gordon Allen has been with George’s Furniture for 20 years. He first became interested in the furniture making industry in shop class during 8th grade, where Gordon constructed a cherry stained oak nightstand with pull-out drawers.

His favorite part of working for George’s Furniture is the satisfaction that comes with making a product from start to finish by hand, watching all of the parts and pieces come together to form a beautiful piece of furniture. Gordon’s favorite piece of furniture he ever built was the George’s “Gossip Bench,” a spindle-back side chair with an attached small desk, complete with a drawer. He also truly enjoyed created a seven-foot long maple settee with six legs.

In his spare time, Gordon enjoys reading—his favorite authors being John Grisham and James Patterson. He also loves any and all Star Trek novels by various authors. Gordon enjoys latch hook and crocheting projects, as well as bicycling. His favorite TV shows are Star Trek, Law and Order, Chicago, Bones, Dallas, Knots Landing, and Knight Rider.