Small Beginning

In November of 1968, I married George, a farmer with woodworking interests. Our beginning year was spent in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. A veneer factory, that gave away their scraps of veneer, provided material for making baskets and lampshades. George walked the forests looking for interesting shapes of wood for making live edge lamp bases. A year later, back in Pennsylvania, George worked in a sawmill.  In his spare time, George cut his own trees, drying the lumber and making crosscut stools and log benches.

First large item designed

In 1970,  after a discouraging search for a quality high chair for his daughter, he decided to build his first chair. This chair was the beginning of hand crafting solid hardwood furniture. He built a portable building for a showroom and moved it to a prime tourist area in Lancaster for the summertime. He sold hand-turned lamps, stools and nameplates, made while the customer waited.

Family grows

As the family began grew, he made side chairs and later a table. Remembering his experience of tipping over his Mother’s rocking chair, he proceeded to design one that doesn’t tip over. I recall his excitement when he came home that day and said,

“I know that God guided my hand when I designed that rocking chair”.

Hobby turns business

So a hobby transformed into a business. He found talented employees and the news of quality furniture spread across the country.  Loyal customers continued to share their love for furniture. Looking back at the steps we took and the opportunities that came our way, our engagement motto couldn’t be more true, “Looking unto Jesus, We Follow”.