At George’s Furniture, every piece of furniture is made from high-quality hardwood and is crafted from start to finish by one of our highly-skilled craftsmen. The use of hardwood for our furniture is especially crucial for our business as it ensures longevity and durability for each and every customer for years to come. Hardwood is the optimal material for our furniture here at George’s.

Throughout Pennsylvania, there is a plethora of renewable hardwood lumber that can be turned into high-value finished products with very low environmental impact. Non-renewable resources like steel, plastic, aluminum and other metals have a much higher environmental impact than using renewable products like hardwood.

Not only is wood a sustainable and renewable resource but purchasing wood furniture from a locally-run and USA based company boosts the local economy and provides American jobs in the forest products industry.

Hardwood is also durable, natural, and draws people into the beauty of the real wood with its color variation and character.

With George’s, you will have a beautiful natural design that fits any room and will last for generations to come.