Custom Wood Furniture American Made And Worth Your Money

You might wonder if custom wood furniture is worth the investment. It is true that it can come with a hefty price tag but you have so much more freedom & flexibility to create a unique piece to meet your needs. Plus, you can observe the entire creation process right in our wood shop where we prepare the Pennsylvania lumber, move it through the sawing & planing process, & handcraft your piece to your exact specifications. 

We have used this time-tested process for the last 50 years for all the pieces you would expect to find around a home: kitchen table, bedroom furniture, rocking chairs. We even use this process for crafting the perfect office furniture like desks, chairs, & conference tables. Even pieces that you would never expect!

Custom Furniture for your Health

A permanently disabled customer could not find a quality pair of wooden crutches. The metal crutches were just too uncomfortable for her to maneuver. After finding George’s Furniture, she asked if we could make a pair of wooden crutches. The craftsman laminated walnut and maple wood together and bent them into beautiful, strong crutches. She was so thrilled that she requested a second pair before she moved to Hawaii. These solid wood, custom-made crutches are now in Hawaii providing a vigorous support for a happy customer.

Custom Furniture for Health & Luxury

One of our most popular items has always been our non-tipping rocking chair. In fact, it was one of the very first pieces that our founder George created in the 1970’s. We once had a visitor, a very tall, large man visit the shop looking for a strong, comfortable rocking chair that would fit a man of his stature. True to his inventive abilities, George fulfilled this unique request. In fact, this was George’s reaction when he heard this, “I was just about ready to make a bigger rocking chair.” 

Using the original pattern and design, George tweaked the angles a bit and built a strong non-tip rocker for our visitor. Our newest customer was truly thrilled to have a rocking chair he could enjoy in his living room. 

Custom Process, Excellent Quality

Our custom solid wood creations have even shipped all the way up to Alaska! We had a customer in Alaska who wanted to surprise his wife with a comfortable, enjoyable rocking chair. When he found our rocking chair demo video on our website, he knew instantly he had found what he was looking for. We are very happy to report that this customer & his wife were indeed happy with this purchase, even though they never saw the rocker in-person before purchasing.

Solid Wood Furniture, even for entertainment

Early in George’s furniture career, he designed a marble chaser. He thought the single track was boring. So he developed a second track. With the addition of the second track, not only does the marble roll down the track but it also races its opponent to the end. We actually entered the marble chaser into a marble racing competition during the Best Kept Secret Tour of Lancaster County, PA. Each tour attendee raced against the champion marble to win a discount or small gift.

Solid Wood Furniture Customized to your Life

In all… we have created all sorts of solid wood solutions for our customers, right in our local woodshop with American-grown lumber. A dog wooden kennel, stairways gate, crosscut critter (a natural crosscut of a walnut tree with open center), violin case, flute case, and a shadow box table displaying sand from places of travel are all designed from customers’ requests. What will be the next new design crafted by Georges Furniture? Visit our store and wood working shop for a close look at quality handcrafted furniture in Lancaster County, PA.