The search for quality hardwood furniture is hard in the culture we live in. A lot of furniture is manufactured in other countries with cheap materials and labor, made to mimic quality and advertised as quality solid wood furniture. “Solid wood?” Furniture is often made from ground up wood and glued together, covered by a thin veneer to show the grain, and considered a “solid wood”.  Solid wood is wood, cut into thick boards straight from the tree, dried properly which, in the end, will allow the wood to have a slow expansion and contraction as it adjusts to the air around it.

Beautiful Wood GrainWalnut sapwood blended drop leaf table

Joanne first saw the beautiful grain of black walnut at the Kutztown Folk Festival in 2017 and fell in love with the natural grain and quality of constructed extension tables, handcrafted by Georges Furniture. She worked with Chris to design a dropleaf coffee table and two nesting end tables to complete her living room.

Where it is made

Later, she made the drive to Lancaster County and visited our woodshop where she met the craftsman who made her coffee table. We gave her a tour of our woodshop, where she learned how the craftsmen build the furniture from start to finish, even picking out the wood to create masterful grain pictures.  In the end, the craftsman signs the finished piece of furniture which is also dated and stamped with our business name. She loved the furniture even more after understanding the building process and craftsman’s attention to detail. She understood the importance of drying the wood during a previous experience with refinishing the wood flooring in her house.


“I saw the dining room table and was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship. Once I saw the table in action, I was convinced that I found my table.” -Joanne

two nesting end tablesJoanne couldn’t forget the quality she found and gathered her friends together to visit George’s Furniture at the Sugarloaf Craft festival in Edison, NJ in 2018. She loved the walnut blend grain (a combination of the light blond sapwood and the dark brown heartwood) so much she ordered a 60×42 extension table with 6 chairs and the leaf storage cabinet next. Each Thanksgiving Joanne gathers the relatives together and fills the table. She often swaps around the table leaves so that she can enjoy the different designs using the natural wood grain.

Craft Show Following

Whether it is in Edison, NJ, Kutztown or Marietta, PA, Joanne loves seeing George’s furniture and dreaming of the next piece for her home. She keeps track of where we will be showing our furniture next in our monthly newsletters and on the events page of our website. Come and discover what Joanne found and where her dream began. Visit our two showrooms and tour the woodshop where the magic happens where quality heirlooms are signed, dated, and delivered to your home