Why Should I Buy a Solid Wood Bed?

Why Should I Buy a Solid Wood Bed?

The bedroom is the sanctuary of the home. The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, an escape from the pressures and busyness of­­­ day-to-day obligations. Of course, the centerpiece of the bedroom is the bed, and rightly so.

The bed sets the stage for the aura, décor, and the other furniture pieces placed in the room because it is the focal point of the room. Thankfully, solid wood beds enable the room to be customized to its owner’s tastes.

Craftsmanship is Reassuring

It is reassuring to buy a new bed created by a skilled craftsman, especially one that has been trained with expertise passed down from generation to generation. Just as in days gone by, traditional design is becoming desirable again. Trends that don’t go out of style are sought after because they can be passed on to a new generation.

Hand-crafted, solid wood furniture is reminiscent of times gone by. Craftsmen of the past were accountable to producing a high caliber, durable, finished product. When a person, rather than a machine, brings skill, values, and excellence to furniture-making, there is an assurance that the final product will stand the test of time.

Of course, solid wood, hand-crafted, custom bedroom furniture is long lasting and can be trusted to endure years of use. Knowing that the piece was intentionally designed gives the piece a personal touch. Naturally, this personalization can quickly become sentimental to the next generation. While the convenience and price of mass-produced furniture are attractive in the moment, personalized items are cared for and kept around. A legacy can begin and endure when a home is outfitted with custom furniture.

How Do I Begin a Legacy?

It’s easy to begin a legacy by purchasing a classic and quality bed! Getting to pick a stain color is a perk that comes along with custom furniture. Stain is a great way to personalize furniture! Solid wood furniture can be both stunning and personalized because of the wide range of stain hues available. Solid wood furniture fits right in, regardless of preferences to a specific look and feel for bedroom decor.

Choosing a Look That is Right For You

Like the minimalist look? A solid wood Shaker pencil poster bed is striking in all of its simplicity.

Like vibrant patterns on comforters and pillows? Fearlessly place those patterns on a raised-panel bed!

Partial to pastels? Sweetly dream on a Queen Anne!

Naturally neutral? Keep that natural look with a Mission bed.

Texture driven? Add those tassels, pom-poms, fringe or mixed fabrics to a slatted sleigh bed with a Hollywood foot board!

Go one step further and add convenient, inconspicuous storage. Under bed storage saves floor space and can free up a portion of the closet. Bookcase beds store well-loved books, magazines, the alarm clock, and more. Stow small items in the center drawers.

Buy From George’s and Begin Your Legacy

Authentic craftsmanship requires expertise, high-quality materials, and calculated execution. You can find authentic craftsmanship at George’s! Using solid wood with proven techniques ensures a durable bed that not only be the showpiece of the bedroom, but a bed that will last for generations to come.

We’d like to help you design the bed that is right for you. Please contact us to schedule a time to meet or take a tour to get to know us better!