Meet Juanita Horst

Meet Juanita Horst

Passing on The Legacy

Juanita Horst is the proud owner of the family-run George’s Furniture. She initially started getting involved in the furniture making industry while assisting her father with work in the woodshop and helping at craft shows. Later, she strengthened her communication abilities by assisting in customer service and answering phones in the showroom. She also became heavily involved in website design and other computer needs. Juanita has now dedicated 15 years to George’s Furniture and loves every minute!

Sharing Quality

Her favorite part about working at George’s Furniture is being able to share the quality of their handcrafted solid wood furniture with their customers. She absolutely loves hearing comments like:

“Wow! That is a long table” or “Quality handcrafted furniture is still being made today” or “That’s a strong table.”  –Customer’s Review

Seeing the excitement when customers realize that furniture can be constructed out of 100% solid hardwood, signed and dated by one craftsman, made their way is truly a treat.  Juanita thoroughly enjoys providing woodshop tours and helping customers with their design ideas to bless their home for many years to come.

Web Design

The most interesting experience that Juanita has had during her 15 years was being able to transform the George’s website and set up their accounting and customer records digitally. In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking and reading.

Head into George’s to say hello to Juanita and the rest of the team during your in-depth woodshop tour!

Employee Spotlight, Anthony Heisey

Employee Spotlight, Anthony Heisey

Designer and Salesman Anthony Heisey has been working for George’s Furniture for 29 years. “My great grandfather, grandfather, and father all had an interest in trees and woodworking,” he explains. His childhood home had a small shop in the basement which he used, and he enjoyed shop classes for his four-year high school career.

The team at George’s Furniture work together to produce high quality pieces, keeping each other accountable to the handcrafted standards. Anthony has thoroughly enjoyed the projects that have crossed his path, but one in particular that stands out is the walnut and maple laminated crutches he built to a custom size. He’s also had the chance to design a coffee table that was a display for a snake.

When he’s not designing furniture or assisting customers, Anthony enjoys being involved with the Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster. He also enjoys the outdoors—hiking, biking, bird watching, and kayaking—as well as his small fish pond which he enjoys maintaining.