Conserving Our Natural Resources

Conserving Our Natural Resources

Earth Friendly Handcrafted Furniture

At George’s Furniture, we believe that incorporating earth-friendly processes into our furniture-making and doing our part in preserving our natural resources ensures the success of future generations.

Forest Increases

According to Dan Meyer, editor of the Hardwood Weekly Review, hardwood growing stock inventories were 3 to 12% higher in 2017 than 10 years earlier in each of the four subregions of the East. Additionally, East-wide volumes were up 7%. What does this mean to us and to you, our valuable clients?

It simply means that despite a 10-year depression in global demand, as a nation we are turning that depression around by increasing active management of our hardwood forests to ensure their health, productivity, and sustainability.

Ultimate Quality, Little Waste

At George’s, we are very conscious of our natural resources. Our shop is set up to make the most of each slab of wood that comes through our door. Each piece of custom furniture is built with ultimate quality and little waste. We utilize our wood for multiple purposes to reduce our waste output.  The wood cutoffs from our table saws are used for the construction of our drawer interiors.  The unusable wood is chipped up and used to dry the walnut wood in our wood drying kiln and heat our woodshop.  Our mission is to have each piece be hand-crafted to your exact specifications all the while being conscious craftsmen.

Native Pennsylvanian hardwood

Using hardwoods native to our region such as Cherry, Red Oak, Maple, and Black Walnut goes a long way in ensuring both quality and low environmental impact. We take extra measures to ensure that our wood is harvested at the right time and to rigid specifications. We slow dry our rough-sawn Black Walnut in our own kiln and moisture check the commercially dried Cherry, Oak and Maple. Why? Because, if not dried properly, the wood may form stress cracks that result in costly waste. Additionally, any moisture that remains in the wood after drying can lead to loose joints and warping. This would be a disservice to you, our client, and to the environment.

Meticulous Attentionprecision in door assembly furniture store in lancaster county wood shop

Throughout the design process, our craftsmen are conscious of minimizing waste. Our craftsmen thoroughly review the design and carefully select the wood that will be used to create the requested piece. Each board is processed with care, while legs or finials are hand-turned on a lathe. Meticulous attention is paid during the assembly process to ensure a proper fit and finish.

If you would like to learn more about our environmentally-friendly furniture making process, please contact us to schedule your personal tour. We look forward to seeing you soon!

George’s Furniture: Forestry Management

George’s Furniture: Forestry Management

As we gear up for National Forestry week (March 20-25), we believe now is the perfect time to think about what items in your home are environmentally sound. Here at George’s Furniture, we are passionate about sustainable products—those that are good for the earth and hold great quality in your home.

Products from George’s Furniture are one-of-a-kind, and are handcrafted with the finest hardwood furniture made from trees grown in Pennsylvania’s forests. Locally made right here in Lancaster, PA, buying from George’s Furniture is naturally the most sustainable choice.

Unlike other materials—such as plastic, steel, or other metals—wood is a renewable resource as trees grow back! Using only the best trees for your furniture, the wood being used actually helps to offset the carbon emissions in the air.

In addition to reducing pollution, harvesting and manufacturing wood doesn’t produce wasted materials. While the main bulk of the wood is used to build our beautiful hand crafted furniture, the by-products are then used to produce mulch, wood pellets, and paper pulp. Additionally, the forest products industry is responsible for generating 77 percent of the country’s biomass energy. They are the largest producer of renewable energy and exceeds the nation’s solar and wind energy combined.

You may be wondering what we do with the wood waste, which we actually use to heat our air drying kiln which dries our walnut woods. Slowly air drying the walnut wood helps maintain the natural beauty of walnut grain, making it beautiful and unique!

So the next time you’re looking for eco-friendly, sustainable furniture, think of George’s Furniture. Come visit our woodshop and get a tour!


For more information on wood harvesting in the Pennsylvania Forests be sure to check out their website: