Caring for Your Piece of George’s Furniture

Caring for Your Piece of George’s Furniture

Caring for your piece of George’s Furniture is not like caring for just any piece of furniture. The finish used on each of our pieces is a durable, high-quality finish—and it is the best we have found for the following reasons:

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High Quality, Catalyzed Water-Resistant Finish

  • The finish is both heat and water-resistant
  • You do not need to use coasters for hot and cold drinks.
  • Warm dishes will not make white rings on the table (however, when taking items directly from the oven, stovetop, or microwave, a hot pad is suggested)
  • A good rule is:

    If it is not too hot for your fingers, it will not harm the table.

Weekly Care

  • Furniture can be washed with a damp cloth.
  • Duster spray may be used (however, sprays that contain wax may cause an undesirable build-up over a period of time)

Occasional Care

  • Polishing or to remove fingerprints, use a good grade furniture polish. Our favorite is Old English Lemon Oil, but Guardsman is also a good choice!

Note Worthy

  • The finish will have a chemical reaction if it comes in contact with rubber cement, airplane glue, or similar products.
  • Permanent magic markers and cigarette burns cause permanent damage to the finish.  
  • The finish will scratch and the wood will dent, so be careful not to slide heavy objects across the table, counters, dressers, etc. A staple or even a hard crumb could cause a surface scratch or indentation.
  • This is solid wood furniture, and it can be refinished.

Damage Repair

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         Made in 1983. Refinished like new.

If the damage is a deep scratch or dent and the finish is broken, the damage can be minimized.

  • First, soak the dent with a water saturated washcloth for several hours.
  • Then, while protecting it with a damp washcloth, apply a steam iron to the dent and process will help swell the dent out to the original level.
  • Please call us for advice on this process.

Restore to New

Having been in business more than 50+ years, we have families who bought a table when their children were small.  Then, when their family grew up or the table passed to the next generation, they brought the table back to us and we refinished the tabletop to look as good as new.

If you have any questions, please call us! Our furniture is built to endure the test of time. A great heirloom to be shared over the generations.

Employee Spotlight, Chris Horst

Employee Spotlight, Chris Horst

Meet the President

Before becoming the President of George’s Furniture, Chris Horst spent ten years in the automotive engineering industry in the 90s and early 2000s. He has now been working for George’s for 12 years. Chris married George’s daughter, Juanita, in July of 2000 and became part of the family business. In 2008, Chris and Juanita decided to take over the family business causing a change in careers for Chris.

Learning Woodworking

During the first three years, Chris learned the craft itself.  He trained directly with a master craftsman and developed a passion for woodworking and the beauty of hardwood furniture.  

Chris says, “Knowing what goes into each piece gives you an appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that is needed to design and craft a dream piece of furniture for our customers.  Our customers become part of the business and a part of our family.”

Chris loves to see the customers’ reactions when they see their handcrafted furniture for the first time.  It makes all the hard work that goes into each individual piece well worth it.

Favorite Design

The project Chris enjoyed the most was designing and building a special bookcase for a small apartment which allowed cables to run through the unit, hidden by the woodwork and attached to the apartment wall for stability.

In His Free Time

In his free time, Chris teaches a homeschooled Physics class once a week. He also enjoys reading and taking trips in the outdoors—including camping, biking, and hiking.