The birth of quality furniture

When George first began his business in 1972, he made his furniture in an old dairy barn and marketed it at a small stand in Lancaster County.  The Gurnsey Barn, was a local venue for country music and local theater nestled along the tourist stretch of Route 30.  It was there that George met many tourists and his customer based expanded throughout the east coast.

Wood Shop Tour began

Customers would often ask if they could visit his wood shop to see the furniture being built.  So, in the late 1980’s, George transformed on old 5 car garage, on the farm, into a showroom.  The wood shop and showroom together invites the public to watch the craftsman building his wooden heirlooms.

Bus, motorcycle, airplane

Many people visiting Lancaster County enjoy the excursion through the rolling farmland of western Lancaster County.  They tour the wood shop and purchase solid wood furniture created to their specifications.  Although they often come by car, motorcycle or tour bus, some more adventuresome ones have arrived by bike following the many bike routes throughout the county. One couple even landed their small plane at a local airport 5 minutes from George’s Furniture to place their order for furniture.

Now with the internet, one can watch videos about how furniture is made, see many samples of quality furniture to inspire their new furniture design and locate a best kept secret, George’s Furniture.


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