Around the World with George’s

Around the World with George’s

While our furniture is crafted here in Lancaster County, our reach has made its way to various locations across our country as well as overseas. With any piece of George’s furniture, our patrons are receiving countless long lasting memories.  Our customers, whether they are here in Lancaster or residing elsewhere, receive longevity, durability and handcrafted beauty with each and every piece.

We are proud to have our furniture journey to diverse areas of our country including Alaska, Utah, Arkansas, Hawaii and many other states! Our pieces have ventured to Canada and even Ireland!

With our furniture, you can trust that no matter where you choose to venture, your piece will stand by you for years to come.

Our Crafting Process

Our Crafting Process

We pride ourselves on our efficient and quality crafting process, bringing an artisan touch to every single piece that goes through our shop. We provide an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality to all of our customers. Let’s walk through our crafting process to see how our talented craftsmen achieve those elegant styles for each piece.


Drying the Lumber

We slow dry the rough-sawn lumber in our kiln (which is heated using wood trimmings from projects) to reduce stress cracks that may occur in the grain if it dries too quickly.  Over time, the moisture in the wood can lead to loose joints, splits and even warping. Some lumber will even dry for several years before it is ready to be crafted into furniture. Our lumber is then stored in a climate-controlled building until it is needed to retain the integrity of the lumber.


Each and every piece has a craftsman that is chosen to handcraft that piece from start to finish. Our craftsman will review the plans, select the boards and processes the boards through our joiners, planers and table saws until the pieces are ready to be glued. The craftsman will then carefully cut, turn and sand each piece to the exact customer specifications. Each table leg and bed finial is then individually hand turned on a lathe. Precise hand sanding throughout the assembly process ensures proper fit and finish.


After the piece of furniture is assembled, it is taken to the staining station where the craftsmen will hand rub the color-specified stain into the wood. After the stain has thoroughly dried, the piece will be taken into the dust-filtering spray booth where two coats of a premium-quality clear, water-resistant finish are applied to the entire piece to protect it from moisture. The first coat of finish is dried and sanded and after the second coat, the piece is closely inspected for smoothness and coverage.

Final Inspection

Each piece is very carefully inspected to make sure it exceeds George’s Furniture quality standards. The furniture is then dated and signed by the craftsmen to show pride in the artisanship of the piece.

Our Entertainment & TV Stand Pieces

Our Entertainment & TV Stand Pieces

Your living space will be inviting for guests and family with our variety of quality Entertainment Centers and TV Stands. Each style boasts elegance and longevity as a perfect addition to your living room for family movie nights or watching games with friends.


Entertainment Buffets

These buffets are adjustable and provide shelving for easy storage boasting charm and relaxation to your living space for your next family evening together.

Entertainment Buffets With Hutch Top

These Entertainment Centers provide storage space for all of your gadgets and entertainment accessories without the fear of looking cluttered. Your accessories will be protected from dust and damage with our multiple shelving design.

TV Stands

These stands are simplistic for easy use in any room. Each piece is handcrafted for optimal quality and can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

Entertainment Centers

These unique entertainment centers exhibit clean lines and will be the hub of your family living space. Customize your dream entertainment center and watch your craftsmen bring your vision to life

Explore The Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Furniture

Explore The Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Furniture

At George’s Furniture, every piece of furniture is made from high-quality hardwood and is crafted from start to finish by one of our highly-skilled craftsmen. The use of hardwood for our furniture is especially crucial for our business as it ensures longevity and durability for each and every customer for years to come. Hardwood is the optimal material for our furniture here at George’s.

Throughout Pennsylvania, there is a plethora of renewable hardwood lumber that can be turned into high-value finished products with very low environmental impact. Non-renewable resources like steel, plastic, aluminum and other metals have a much higher environmental impact than using renewable products like hardwood.

Not only is wood a sustainable and renewable resource but purchasing wood furniture from a locally-run and USA based company boosts the local economy and provides American jobs in the forest products industry.

Hardwood is also durable, natural, and draws people into the beauty of the real wood with its color variation and character.

With George’s, you will have a beautiful natural design that fits any room and will last for generations to come.

Constructing Sustainably With George’s Furniture

Constructing Sustainably With George’s Furniture

Here at George’s, we pride ourselves on being effective and resourceful in our business practices.  Each piece of custom furniture is built with ultimate quality and little waste. We utilize our wood for multiple purposes to reduce our waste output. The wood cutoffs from our table saws are used for the construction of our drawer interiors. The unusable wood is chipped up and used to dry the walnut wood in our wood drying kiln and heat our woodshop. Our mission is to have each piece be hand-crafted to your exact specifications all while being conscious craftsmen.

By investing in solid hardwood from George’s, you are investing in a renewable resource that ultimately is environmentally friendly and also helps protect our local forests. The PA lumber used in our furniture helps slow the spread of pests by reducing the risk of importing invasive species to our forests.

Shop renewable, local and handcrafted with George’s.

Add A Modern Touch To Your Space With George’s

Add A Modern Touch To Your Space With George’s

Each of our hardwood products is hand-crafted to offer the highest possible quality we can to each and every one of our customers. Our goal is for each purchase to provide value to your life without the fear of replacement or damage. While all of our products provide the gift of longevity, our items are also able to transcend the ages and fads with quality and durability, that most other quickly assembled products might not.

Achieve modern style but without the low-quality construction with our artisan Open Shelf Modern Bookcase. Our 100% hardwood nature will offer durability and the open shelving provides a modern look to your home. While this bookcase is available to store books, there is also a large open slot to fit a television as well as other electronics.

Live modern with our timeless products from George’s.

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Keep Tradition Alive With George’s Furniture

Here at George’s, we pride ourselves on our durable furniture that has the ability to stay with families for generations. Each piece can be passed down from each generation to create long-lasting and unforgettable memories. While one might view a table as simply, a table, one table can be where your children ate their cereal as tiny toddlers and are now enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving dinner as adults. A single rocking chair could be the special spot that your father rocked you to sleep as a young child and is now where you are rocking your own child to sleep.

With each piece of furniture, you’re not only purchasing a high-quality artisan product, but you are purchasing memories that are truly priceless. Keep those family traditions alive through the existence of our furniture in your home or office. One day you might smile thinking about your child passing along your cherished rocking chair to their child someday.

Pass along the gift of memory with our Black Onyx Blend Tall Pedestal Table for long-lasting unique flair. The combination of the black onyx will draw the eye nicely to the sleek design and high quality that is specifically found in our furniture and craftsmanship. While you might see this as just a table, this table might just be the spot where beautiful memories are created for generations to come.

Give the gift of tradition with George’s.

Celebrate Father’s Day With A Gift from George’s Furniture

Celebrate Father’s Day With A Gift from George’s Furniture

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to say “thank you” or “I love you” than with a gift from George’s Furniture. Here at George’s, we recognize the tremendous sacrifice, love, support, and strength that men around the world provide to their families and friends. To all of the fathers, grandfathers, and soon-to-be-fathers, George’s Furniture is glad to wish each of you a Happy Father’s Day.

Our collection of hand-crafted furniture boasts the gift of tradition and durability for the men in your life. Reference our list below for gift ideas this Father’s Day.

Rocking Chairs

Our non-tip rocking chairs provide maximum relaxation for dad without the fear of tipping backward. Our high-quality design and structure allow for hours of rocking after a long day’s work.

Our Country Curve Rocking Chair provides a non-tip design, thick contoured seat and high-grade water-resistant coating for ultimate rocking pleasure. View our Rocking Chair collection here.

Bar Stools

Our bar stool selection provides strength and comfort in a chair with long-lasting durability, perfect for a man cave. Take a look at our selection of bar stools for a heavy-duty swivel with elegant design.

Our Onyx Blend Country Spindle-Back Barstool is constructed with 100% solid hardwood by a single craftsman. The two different stains are blended together for a sleek color combination to match any setting. View our Barstool collection here.


Each stool is hand-crafted, strong, stable and available in natural black walnut.

Our Traditional Stool has strength and beauty with a 100% solid hardwood construction for assisted elevation. Our stools are dependable for long-lasting support for years to come. View our Stool collection here.

Coffee Tables

Each and every one of our George’s Coffee Tables is handcrafted for ultimate design and durability. Each table offers simplistic style for any room.

Our Onyx Blend Mission Style 4 Drawer Coffee Table nicely blends two different stain colors for a beautiful and cohesive look. You can expect quality snacking and game day fun with this table. Water resistant and durable, this table will stay with you to create long-lasting memories. View our Coffee Table collection here.

Made in America Tour Stops at George’s Furniture

Made in America Tour Stops at George’s Furniture




Experience York, PA’s annual Made in America Tours Event with the entire family! The 20th anniversary of this event will be taking place June 13th to 16th, 2018. This annual celebration is a load of fun for you and the kids, and offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at various companies in our county.

From production floors to an alpaca farm, you will be able to explore the inner workings of the businesses who make our beautiful county thrive. George’s Furniture is happy to announce that we will be one of the stops on this exciting tour. Our commitment to high-quality American craftsmanship has allowed our business to flourish for almost 50 years.

While visiting George’s Furniture on the tour, you’ll be transported to a different world where hardwood furniture is made by skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen take great pride in their work, adding their signature to each solid wood piece they create. Enjoy watching handmade, one-of-a-kind furniture being built and imagine the possibilities while walking through our showrooms.

30-40 minute tours will be available the following days and times:
Wednesday, 8am to 4pm
Thursday, 8am to 4pm
Friday, 8am to 2pm.

See the full list of participating businesses on the York, PA website:


George’s Furniture: A Prime Stop on Your Tour of Lancaster

George’s Furniture: A Prime Stop on Your Tour of Lancaster

George’s Furniture is a second-generation family-owned business located in the farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our furniture is still made the old-fashion way – handcrafted by artisans who take great pride in the quality of their work. There is no shortcut to quality. Make our shop one of your stops as you tour Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted right in our workshop and signed by its maker. There is no factory assembly line – just skilled craftsmen who lovingly follow each piece from the selection of the lumber to the final detail.

Arrange a time to see your furniture being made and meet the craftsman by scheduling a tour on our website:

Tour hours are Monday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm and Friday, 9am to 2pm. (Groups of 10 or more individuals should call ahead at 1-800-799-1685.)