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We came to George’s Furniture looking for bookcases. We had been looking for six months and no place had exactly what we wanted. Anthony worked with us to customize our bookcases so that we got exactly what we wanted. While he was writing up the bookcase order, we found a beautiful desk and a matching file cabinet and ordered those also. If you are looking for quality custom built furniture, George’s Furniture is the best I have seen. We are already planning our next purchase.

Bill D., Fredericksburg, VA

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Our extensive experience of over 5 decades creating handcrafted pieces assures you’ll receive the highest value for your dollar.



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Expert craftsmen listen to your ideas, discuss the options and design a plan.


Our skilled craftsmen take your project and bring it to life, displaying the characteristics of solid hardwood with a signature and date as proof of authenticity.  

The Highest Quality Furniture

At George’s Furniture, you will have confidence knowing that your purchase is the highest quality furniture for your home. High-quality furniture requires skillfully trained craftsmen, who complete a year long apprenticeship in 100% solid wood construction. Each craftsman signs and dates their finished furniture. So many stores dismiss the importance of quality which makes you incredibly frustrated. We understand your frustration, which is why we commit to constructing each piece of furniture to the utmost quality.

The next step:

1. Call us when you are ready. We’ll discuss your ideas. Whether sitting down with our expert designers or corresponding by email and phone, we can help develop the perfect piece for your living space.

2. After listening to your ideas, we will design your perfect heirloom furniture, considering the characteristics of 100% solid wood construction.

3. Upon your approval, one craftsman will bring your dream to a reality.

So call us! Stop the frustrating search for quality furniture and create a home of beautiful pieces of furniture that will exceed a lifetime.



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