Search for quality

Charles Whary was searching for a quality entertainment center.  He searched various furniture stores located in Lancaster, York and Harrisburg but was very disappointed in the quality of the furniture available. The furniture in stores  appeared quality in design however consisted of plywood and particle board construction with very little hardwood. He refused to pay insane prices for poor quality.

Quality discovered

While shopping at Meadow Brook Farmer’s Market in Leola, PA (which has since closed), Charles discovered George’s Woodcrafts storefront displaying quality, solid hardwood furniture.  He picked up a business card and contacted  George’s Woodcrafts.  Charles drove to George’s Woodcrafts shop and showroom located near Maytown, PA, which was as short distance from his residence.  At George’s, Anthony greeted him and gave him a tour of the factory.

Built to design

After discussing various dimensions and designs, Charles, used his drafting ability, and drew up a detailed design sketches of his entertainment center.  Anthony took the sketches, verified the construction integrity and prepared an estimate for final approved by Charles.  A craftsman handcrafted Charles’s entertainment center from the plans provides.  Each piece is signed by the creator. The ability to select 100% solid Oak hardwood, stain and design brought Charles’s dream to reality.  Since all of the hardwood used at George’s Woodcrafts is native to PA,  Charles knew he found the quality he had was searching for.

Delivered to the Door

Throughout the many years, Charles returned to George’s to purchase many furniture pieces.  Each piece created according to his design.  A surprise awaited Charles when George Martin, the founder of George’s Woodcrafts, who sadly is no longer with us, delivered his furniture to his house.

Custom redesign

Charles loves his entertainment center, however, thirteen years later, he desired to add three doors to the front.  He worked with Chris on the exact dimensions and stain color to match the original entertainment center.  The new doors completes the entertainment center, keeping dust out and components securely stored.

The ability to design and choose the details allowed Charles to create his dream living space.  Furniture built with solid hardwood, made in America and above all will last for decades.  Order your own  built-to-order, custom made to your specifications piece of George’s furniture. Come and see where your furniture can be built or simply contact us.